The Division 1.6.1: Become a PvE Killer / Striker Build guide

In this guide to The Division - patch 1.6.1, we will introduce a build around the striker set. The loadouts have been in play for several days. Now you can create up to six builds, save and switch quickly between them.

If you are looking for a new build idea, the following YouTube video shows Solo Striker build, which turns character into a PvE killer machine.

The character setup here does not rely on high electronics values but is designed for DPS and raw weapon force. The player is convinced that it is the best build to fight with elite opponents in PvE.

These Are the Armor Parts:

- Tank Vest: Forward - With bonus on enemy armor damage, life points, and ammo capacity (mods for shotguns and life points)

- Mask: Striker - with bonus on life points on killing and Blind / Deaf resistance (mod for shotguns and life points)

- Knee pad: Striker - with bonus on life points, damage to elite and "In Fire" resistance (mod with shotguns and life points as well as first aid self healing)

- Holster: Striker - with bonus on reloading tempo (mod with first aid self-healing)

- Rucksack: Nomad - with bonus on stability and in Fire resistance (mod with shotguns, life points and first aid self healing)

- Gloves: Nomad - with bonus on Assault Rifle Damage, Critical Hit Damage, and Life Points on Killing.

You'll get 20% Stability, 10% Enemy Armor Damage, and the bonus that each successive hit adds 1% more damage. The bonus can reach up to 100%. Fletching it by 2%. The bonus is reduced by 1% per second.

The 2-set bonus from the nomad grants 15% life points on killing. This bonus is important for this build because you can get a lot of damage, but be careful about how you keep your own life. This bonus increases survival chances.

The Weapon of the Build

The light version of M4 is used as a primary weapon. It has an opponent's armor damage of 23% (very high) as well as the Brutal Talents (12% Head Shot Damage), Receptive (10% damage when closer than 10 meters to the enemy), The mods are placed on a larger magazine, on head shot and on Crit damages

The skills:

- First aid With the overdose mod
- Help with life-saving mod

The character talents:

- Adrenalin: The "First Aid Kit" heals for 10 seconds and does not stop healing if you take damage

- Emergency med: A first-aid kit with low health increases the damage resistance by 20%

- On The Move: Killing an opponent in motion reduces damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds,
One is None: A head shot offers a 50% chance not to consume the bullets