Albion Online: Breed and Raise Horses and Oxen

In Albion Online, your horse or ox plays an important role as they can help you to get to your destination quickly and carry additional luggage. However, they are not easy to get because they are costly. In this guide, we will show you how to breed or buy these animals.

You can only breed horses and oxen yourself if you own an island. Not only that, but your own country should have reached level two. This means that you have to do a lot of work to get enough silver to afford your island. On this you have to make room for the animals and provide enough food. Once you have established this, you can earn a lot through the breeding in the game.

If you purchased the island and created enough land for agriculture, then you can go. For the first step on the way to the master breeder in Albion Online you need a pasture. There your animals can rest. Next to your first building site for agricultural buildings, you will find a dealer where you can buy seeds and animals for rearing.

Your animals have no special requirements as far as food is concerned. You can decide for yourself what food you give them. Carrots, beans, wheat or high-quality food - everything goes! Simply place the feed at the desired animal by clicking it and then pull ten units of food into the field. The system automatically takes the appropriate amount of ten, which is why you can still drag larger piles into the field. The breeding time is 22 hours with premium account and 44 hours without subscription.

If an animal has grown, you can get it from the pasture. But now it is not a riding animal. For this you must be a saddler and you can create the following animals with the animal and resources:

Horses: 20 leather of the appropriate level
Oxen: 20 wooden planks of the corresponding level
Armored riding horse: 10 fabric and 10 metal rods of the corresponding level

If all this is done, you can use your riding animal, sell it on the market or offer your guild.

If you don’t want to make the effort, and even breed riding animals, then you can buy them in the market. The riding animals have different ways of playing. Oxen are helpful to collectors, horses a good hybrid between collect and escape ability. Armored riding animals, little surprising, are good for PvP and areas where you are in danger.

In the course of the game you can get rare riding animals. For example, these include the dark wolf and gloom.