Albion Online: How to Get and Manage your Own Island

In Albion Online, it is better to have your own island as it gives you the opportunity to strengthen you before you enter into a battle and it is your private crafting area where you can process your collected or purchased resources to produce items that can be sold at a profit. In addition, you can breed animals in your own area that can be used in the battle.

What to Consider When Buying a New Island

It is important to take into account that you can only enter an island from the city where you have acquired it. Its location is significant in that the resource availability in the neighboring territories has an influence on the trade you prefer. For example, if you put your specialization, on the production of cloth robes, it is a city that mainly connects with stones or ores, perhaps not the best place for your base. Choose wisely! Only one island can be purchased per character. This is destructible, but you lose all the materials you have invested so far.

The acquisition requires the possession of an account with at least 30 days of premium running time. If this has expired, you still have full access to your island. To buy, there are merchants that you can encounter in any big city of the game.

Upgrade Your Island - Is It worth it?

After the purchase of an island, you are theoretically completely free what you want to do with this. However, as with any free system, there are certain guidelines that are more effective than others. In general, the higher the level of your island, the higher your benefit. Newly purchased islad only has a buildable slot, which is why most players directly upgrade their own territory. This function is also possible via the island seller and costs ascending level more and more silver. Level 1: 12,500 silver, Level 2: 37,500 silver, Level 3: 125,000 silver, Level 4: 325,000 silver, Level 5: 625,000 silver and Level 6: 2,500,00 silver.

Per level, your island expands with additional building lots. These are divided into normal and small building sites, in addition to a few areas on which you can grow herbs or plants, or mounts and beasts. With the expansion of the island on Level 2, a dealer will appear on this, from which you can buy seed and young animals for growing, according to your level.

The total number of buildable areas of a maximally constructed island consists of 11 large, 2 small and 5 mounting areas. They are divided into the following stages:

Level 1: 1 Building Site
Level 2: 1 Building site, 1 building site, 2 small building sites and a farming dealer
Level 3: 1 Building site, 2 building sites
Level 4: 1 Building site, 2 building sites
Level 5: 1 Building site, 2 building sites
Level 6: 1 Building site, 3 building sites

Therefore, it is relatively easy to see that an island fully unfolds its full benefits from level 2 onward. Starting with this you can plant vegetables. This is not only useful in combat, but on the higher levels necessary to keep production buildings running.

In the tree menu, which you can open by pressing the H key, all buildings will be displayed. These are divided into the categories economy, agriculture, military and houses.

Is it Worth Building a House in Your Own Island?

In addition to all the production facilities available in the game, you can also build a house on the island. Unlike all other types of buildings, it is completely irrelevant for the production of materials and objects, but fulfills some important functions.

By placing custom-made chests, you are able to store your materials and valuable items centrally. In addition, the possession of a dwelling house also allows you to hire NPCs and let them work for you. If you specialize in the collection of certain resources, it makes sense to hire a helping hand.

With this information, you should be able to gain access to the expansion and management of your own island.