Albion Online: Marketplace - how to get lots of Silver

In Albion Online, the marketplace is self-directed. This means that there is no connecting network among them, but the flow of the goods is based on the cities alone. For example, you can see which resources and items are in demand in a market, then go and collect the corresponding goods. This is even more effective if you have the right sets and equipment.

The main commodity on the market is silver. This can be converted to gold to get subscriptions and other benefits. But how do you get silver? We'll show you three different ways.

Since you can only collect resources from the tier one to two, a sale on the market is hardly worthwhile. The resources are fast and easy to get from each player and therefore there will be hardly any demand. When you select an item or a resource and click the sell button, you'll see if anyone already offers this item on the market, and very much an average silver price.

As soon as you get the average price, you can orientate and adjust your offer. Either you want to undercut the competition or you risk that someone will pay more than necessary to you. In the latter case, it affects the market in the sense that the general price can rise. Keep in mind that you have to spend part of your profit in the form of taxes.

If you don’t like the marketplace, you can also visit the recyclers in the cities. There you can select items and have them dismantled. This allows you to earn both silver and a few of the resources. Before you dismantle an object, you will be shown how the reward looks. The item used will be lost during this action.

Get Silver Through Battles

In Albion Online, if you kill enemy NPCs in the wilderness, they always drop silver. You meet these NPCs in small and large camps. On your minimap you can see them by their own symbols. If you open your normal map, you can see which camps there are in a region and how many players are recommended to be successful there.

The bosses are especially effective in these camps. You can find out their presence by a symbol with two shining swords on the ground. These opponents are very strong, but the rewards are accordingly high. Join the other players to increase your chances.

The best way to earn a lot of silver in Albion Online are expeditions. You will get this in a city at the portals. They are dungeons, in which you have to compete with other players in order to defeat a strong boss in the end. The boss of an expedition gives you 1,000 silver, which is very much money especially at the beginning of your trip.

Alternatively, you can simply attack other players. If you hit them in PvP zones, their wealth is yours. If you have collected enough silver, you can take them into the market, to secure you a few quick advantages by shopping.