All Easter Eggs and Secrets Found So Far In Destiny 2 Beta

The Destiny 2beta contains some Easter Eggs and secrets.

- In the story mission Homecoming you return to the tower, the social space from Destiny 1. Here it is worth to walk in the direction of the hangar bar. This is near the place where the Dead Orbit once stood. In Destiny 2 everything is destroyed, but the jukebox is still running and it plays Hope for the Future by Paul McCartney.

- On the stairs, you’ll find the deflated Purple Ball

In addition, Eris Morn has disappeared, but can still find her vase

At the moment, there are many guardians on Nessus in the Strike "Inverted Spire strike". This strike seems to contain some secrets. All the guardians who have already played it will have noticed its vastness. If you want to move quickly to Nessus, you can wait at the spawn point of the Strike. Then, according to some users, shoot down your opponents and grab their sparrow vehicles:

Ride or run - now do not go straight, where the Strike actually points, but to the right. There you will find a wide area. Here you will often find different opponent races that fight against each other, strange doors and symbols for "Lost Sectors".

A symbol for a Lost Sector you can see below:

Lost Sectors are enemy dungeons, where you defeat your enemies, grab a key and get to Loot.

Near this symbol, there is a symbol on the wall, which is undoubtedly the symbol of the Glass Chamber:

Maybe this symbol represents the entrance of the Lost Sector. Some Guardians have already managed to get into this Lost Sector.