Anthem: BioWare is working on a new family friendly game

Violence scenes or disturbing moments will probably not exist in BioWare’s next title Anthem - because their upcoming MMO will be a game for the whole family. This was revealed by BioWare’s General Manager Aaron Flynn in a conversation with CBC Radio.

The developers are getting older and wanting a game for their children

Flynn said the publisher Electronic Arts, BioWare's parent company, came to the developers and offered them the opportunity to create a completely new and own brand. This is quite rare in the industry, so you don’t miss the opportunity.

So they sat down together and thought about what would be fun. In the development of the basic concept of Anthem, the developers' living conditions flowed strongly: Flynn had two sons and he always wanted a game that he could play together with them. He knows many men and women in the studio, who are in a similar life situation. All become older and more adult.

Anthem is now the opportunity for the BioWare developers to create a game that they can play with their families, says Flynn.

What is the age rating for Anthem? It not yet been rated. It is possible to set the ages limit 12 and up. This is because we have already seen violence in the new gameplay trailer: In Anthem, your monster and looters hunt up and present you in a primitive world unknown dangers. You are equipped with combat suits that are packed with weapons and special abilities. So you're not flying out into the strange world to fondle the monsters.

It is interesting: At the beginning of the gameplay trailer comes the warning that the video can contain content that is unsuitable for children.

We are excited about how BioWare will implement the family-friendly "Shared World Action RPG".