Beginner's Guide to Destiny 2 New Weapon System

Destiny 2 brings new weapon system that you will notice immediately if you are referring to the Beta. In Destiny 2, there are new weapon slots: Energy, Kinetics and Power weapons.

Energy weapons: In this slot you will find the same weapon types as in the kinetic slot. The big difference is that these weapons are energy or elementary damage (Solar, Arc or Void). The energy weapons are particularly good at destroying enemy shields and eliminate the PvP Guardian in their active Super.

Kinetics weapons: In this slot, you can run all previous weapon types (hand held weapon, scout gun, pulse and automatic gun) as well as guns and the new SMGs. All weapons in this slot are kinetic damage.

Power weapons: All weapons in this slot can kill enemy guardians with only one shot. The developers always responded to the direct demand, which weapons are in this slot: Grenade launchers (new weapon guns), rocket launchers, shotguns, snipers and fusion guns (Wherein there are linear fusion guns). Machine guns don’t exist anymore.

- According to the game director Luke Smith from Noseworthy, the new weapon system encourages a lot of experimenting with the guns and trying out new things. For now completely new combinations are possible. If you're fond of scout guns, you can equip two slots with scout guns. However, Noseworthy advises against this. Instead, you should test other weapons that you have not used before. If you have always played with scout guns in Destiny, now you can also equip a hand-held firearm or an automatic gun or whatever, because in an emergency, you can always go back directly to the scout gun.

- Smith emphasizes another advantage: since the launch of Destiny in 2014, the Guardians have loved their favorite weapon type with a weapon with elemental damage. As an example, he mentions the fighters and the hype for this elemental hand-held firearm. In Destiny 2, there will be much more of the former primary weapon types - with which you will spend a lot of time and spend - with elemental damage.

- There is also an advantage for the PvP: All weapons that can kill you with one shot are now in the power slot. This requires power ammunition, which is regularly available on the battlefield. Here is the innovation: When your power ammunition takes place, every ally and every enemy sees: Who has received the ammunition? For what weapon did he receive it? And where did he take it? For example on the screen the message appears: "Smith has loaded a shotgun in the garden". So everyone knows that Smith is running around with a loaded shotgun and should be adjusted to it.

- While in Destiny 1, for example, a shotgun and a rocket launcher could be equipped at the same time, you must now make new decisions with these powerful weapons. Are you more of the shotgun or sniper type? Or would you rather use a grenade? If you say, "I'm a sniper player," you need to consider how this choice affects your kinetic and energy slots. So there should be "more interesting decisions" for the players.

- The weapons in the power slot are pimped. They do more damage than in Destiny 1