Beginners Guide to Survival / Getting Started with Fortnite

Fortnite is a horror survival game where you'll pillage your weapons and stuff to protect you from spooky creatures. You must use the light and security of the day to build impenetrable fortresses.

At night, you will encounter creatures who like zombies. The monsters have almost eradicated mankind and only a handful of survivors is left.

In the Coop multiplayer, you are on the mission to destroy monsters and recapture the planet. Become explorers, soldiers, ninjas and constructors, to stop this apocalypse!

Fortnite is more than just building and defending a fortress. You can explore an "Open World" map and you have to loot your material together. In addition there is the crafting of weapons, the leveling of your character and a class system.

At the center is a storm, which at night attacks an army of monsters. When the storm comes in, your defense must stand to destroy the monsters.

Fortnite relies on a day-night cycle. Build and collect during the day, defend at night and kill monsters.

Quick Overview of Fortnite Gameplay

- Fortnite is an Online-Coop-Multiplayer-game
- The multiplayer goes with up to 4 players in PvE
- Fortnite includes: Discovering, looting, building, fighting, leveling and shooting
- Fortnite is a mixture of the genre shooter, builder, horror, survival and sandbox
- You must build fortresses to protect you from monsters that appear at night.
- There are different strategies and ways to build fortresses
- It's getting harder and harder to defeat the monsters.
- Monsters have different characteristics: some can fly, others are particularly strong, there are cunning and stupid monsters. You need the right strategy and fortress to fight them all.
- In an Open World map you collect the material for weapons, fortress and items. To do this, you use a pointed hook, with which you disassemble some cars for metal
- You crafted weapons, ammunition, traps, and building materials for your fortress
- You can destroy almost anything to collect material.
- You are doing quests and missions - you sell monsters, find and save survivors or build fun towers
- For completing quests, you will receive rewards such as experience and items - Loot!
- Fortnite has a 4-class system: soldiers, ninjas, explorers, constructors. The classes have different strengths.
- Fortnite offers a level system with skill trees
- Almost everything can be high in Fortnite: Items, weapons, characters

The YouTuber Arekkz has created a fast beginner’s guide for Fortnite. Here you can see the above listed gameplay elements in the video.

Fortnites - Classes Overview

Fortnite has a 4-class system in which each hero has his own strengths and weaknesses. The heroes you can level up and expand your skills according to your taste. In the course of the game, you can unlock more heroes and sometimes even find them in loot boxes.

Outlanders: These collectors bring loot. The discoverer is particularly good at tracing materials. From this he builds huge fortresses or explosives.
Soldier: The soldier is a distance fighter and uses shotguns. He is a fighter who takes the fortress in shelter and deals with monsters.
Ninja: These nimble fighters prefer blades and melee. Ninjas are particularly mobile and can sneak through masses and perform double jumps.
Constructor: When constructing fortresses, none of them makes any sense to the designers. You can repair buildings faster than other heroes.

Fortnite release date - Early Access starts on July 25

Fortnite is available in the Early Access on July 25th. Anyone who pre-orders a founder package can play from July 21st - there's a small head start.

It is not yet known when Epic Games plans the full release of Fortnite for PS4, XBox One and PC.

Fortnite Price, Early Access Cost and Free-To-Play from Full-Release

Fornite will have a paid early access. When the title goes into the full release, Fortnite will be free-to-play.

Currently, it is possible to buy four different founder packages. The grant access to the Early Access and pack bonus items on top of it. These can be weapon packs, Loot or the first eight heroes. The value of the bonus items is determined by the price of the founder’s packs.

Fortnite will be available to play on these platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, PC and Mac

Early Access starts at the same time for all platforms. Cross-play is not supported.

Download: You can find a link to the official website of Fortnite here. Here you can pre-order the survival shooter and see the different offers of the founder packages.