Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy: Secret Levels / Key Locations

In all three Crash Bandicoot titles you could find secrets and hidden levels. They led you into bonus level and rewarded you with many Wumpa fruits. Even in the up-and-coming version of the trilogy, there are these secret paths, which are activated by keys or secret exists. In each part, it is something different, as you can get into the bonus level. How this works, you will find here.

In crashes 1 to 3, the methods to find the bonus level are a little different. However, there are two secret levels in every three games of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, but each time different ways to unlock them. In the first part, you must find two keys that are hidden in two other stages. However, these keys are also linked to conditions. So you have to find symbols of N. Cortex to finally get the keys to the secret levels.

In the second part of Crash Bandicoot, N.Sane Trilogy, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, you reach the secret routes through two secret exists hidden in the levels. Three additional secret ports are built into the game. However, these don’t lead you to the bonus stages. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, the third part in the trilogy, has two secrets that lead you to the two bonus levels.

All Secret Levels and Keys in Crash Bandicoot 1

"Key" is actually the wrong term for the condition you need to unlock to get the two bonus levels. Rather, you need Neo-Cortex symbol images. Three of them are hidden in two stages. If you have collected all, a secret exit opens, which brings you to the bonus. The teleporter then light up blue and can be entered as soon as you have found all the symbols. The two levels you must take for these tasks are: Sunset Vista and Jaws of Darkness.

How to Find the First Key in Sunset Vista

- To find the first Cortex face, you must go to the third floor of the level. Go up to the top level of the ruin. Look for a small room that shows a white box. Defeat the lizard and run into the room.

- You will find the second Cortex face directly afterwards. Go and match the bats. Now there are three blocks that move forward. You must jump to the second block. Next to the symbol you will also find a life.

- The last face is to the left of the teleporter, which brings you to the bonus level. Grab your life and go left. You can go through between the blocks. Go to the far left and jump a little to get it.

How to Find the Key in the Jaws of Darkness Level is as Follows

- The key comes directly after the two platforms, which are semicircular. Then you have to pass sharp arrows and pass a boxes tower and TNT. Blow them to get the first face.

- Now go on until you pass many arrows that shoot from the walls. At the end of the passage, a snake awaits you. Jump to the head and then to the platform with the question mark.

- Go from here to the left. Also, if it looks as if you have to go backwards, you can run to the left. The fruits show you the way. As soon as you run to them platforms will appear. Here you’ll not only find the teleporter, but also the last face in the crates.

If you want to see everything in the video again, we recommend the YouTube channel PS4Trophies. In 21:26 you see the keys in Sunset Vista and 1:13:39 all the objects in the level Jaws of Darkness.

All hidden levels and secret issues in Crash Bandicoot 2

In the second part of the trilogy, you will be expecting five secrets, but only two will move into hidden levels. How you get to the secrets in Un-Bearable and Hangin’ Out levels you'll find in our guide about all secrets, cheat codes and tips in Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy we have videos and descriptions for you.

All hidden levels and secret issues in Crash Bandicoot 3

Before you get to the two secret exits, you must find the secret warp room. Unlock five relics. Then a new platform will appear, which is in the area of the level selection. Do the following to get to the secret levels

- Hot Coco: To get here you have to start the race Road Crash. Drive until you find a yellow shield with an alien on the left. Drive to this sign so that you are next to the road. You are already being thrown away.

- Eggipus Rex: Go to the secret warp room and then to the level Hang 'Em High. In this level, there is a death route. If you master them, you will receive a yellow gem. Now go to Dino Might! And find the way of the yellow gem. For this you have to turn right on a blue glowing platform. Soon you will be followed by a Dino and you can hang on to a flying Dino. Fly with him to the bonus level.