Dead by Daylight: Huntress - New Killer Guide

The latest DLC for Dead by Daylight is available now for the PC. The update 1.6.0 brought a new killer, A Lullaby for the Dark with it. The new killer is the Huntress and she has a rather gloomy story. As a child she lived with her mother in the forest and fed herself with what nature gave her. They had a small house, chased a lot and ate berries. But one day they hunted a big elk together. They knew that the animal was dangerous, but the food is scarce and the hunger is great. Although the elk died, the mother was also severely wounded. As she slowly breathed out her life and her body grew colder, she sang last song to her daughter.

Since then the girl lives alone in the forest. Although mentally still at the level of a child, she has further improved her hunting abilities. For a long time, she has been hunting not only animals, but also humans. She takes them to her hut and chains them. Today, no one dares to go to the forest, where the huntsman is supposed to be bothering…

Huntress Abilities and Peculiarities:

- The Huntress is slightly slower than other killers.

- She hums her song when she is in the range of 45 to 20 meters of survivors. Below this limit, its terror-radius begins

- Heartbeat.

- By right-clicking she can cast litter axes. The longer she charges the attack, the farther the ax flies.

- She can replenish her axe when she is exhausted (maximum 5).

- Beast of Prey - The murder loss is so overwhelming that her connection to the entity is cut off at short notice, making it unpredictable. As soon as she profits from blood loss, her red veil disappears for 25 seconds. This effect can occur once every 120 seconds.

- Territorial Imperative – Eliminate the potential for her aural ability. Survivors' auras are visible for 3 seconds when they enter the cellar and the huntress is more than 32 meters from the entrance of the cellar. This effect can occur only once every 30 seconds.

- Hex: Huntress Lullaby - A curse that draws from despair. Survivors suffer an additional 6% fall if they fail on a skill check. Each time a survivor is hung on the hook, the curse becomes more powerful and the hunter receives a token.

* 1-4 Token: The time between the warning sound of a skill check and the skill check is reduced.
* 5 Token: Skill checks are no longer a warning sound. The curse remains as long as the associated totem is active.

The Perks are always "teachable", so they can be unlocked via the blood network for all killers.