Delux Vertical Mouse Promises to Eliminate Wrist / Hand Pain

Delux is a vertical computer mouse that promises to eliminate wrist and hand pain. According to the manufacturer, the device is ideal for those who play video games or spend long hours on the PC.

After reaching the financing goal on the Indiegogo website, the Delux vertical mouse has a delivery date scheduled for August 2017, priced at $ 63.

The mouse comes in two options: wired or wireless. In addition, the accessory has buttons located in an easy to reach position with your fingers, such as location keys, scroll wheel, and down and up commands. With a frequency of 500 Hz and DPI from 800 to 2,400, Delux wireless is powered by AA batteries, which last about eight months. Meanwhile, the wired Delux has 800 to 4,000 DPI.

According to the manufacturer, the mouse is built in a position that does not overload the wrist muscles, which may be best for use for long hours. The Delux Vertical Mouse is targeted at gamers who practice e-sports or users who work through the PC and need more comfort without losing productivity.

With a design that looks like joyticks, the mouse has a stylish look with colorful details (in the wired version) - in RGB color pattern - or chrome lines (in the wireless model). The accessory has a size of 9.8 x 9.4 x 14.8 cm and weighs 210 g. The mouse also has a removable ergonomic base for users who prefer more agility.

Source: Indiegogo