Destiny 2: Bungie introduced New Social Space, The Farm

Bungie has revealed more details about its upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter video game “Destiny 2” before beginning of the beta. They do this in collaboration with the IGN. In a video, there is now a tour of the farm for the first time.

Destiny 2 - What is a Social Space?

The farm will be the new tower in Destiny 2, the place where guardians meet and look for refuge after the cabals have destroyed Destiny 1 tower.

A "social space" in a lobby-based game like Destiny is the place where players can get together without shooting at each other or without hanging aliens there. It is a place to spend peaceful time together. You look at the equipment of the others, you can maybe walk your own outfit, exchange gestures, communicate with each other or play a round of football.

The farm is the place where you find a dealer. The special feature is that it will change in the course of Destiny 2. The further the player is in the action of Destiny 2, the more developed the farm. It is a dynamic place. It is said: The population is growing, figures come and go.

The following information can be seen and heard in the video:

- Darbi 55-30, is the postmaster,
- There should be small events, which can be unlocked, activities
- Resident in the farm is also: Cryptarch will be Tyra Karn (NPC known from Felwinter Peak)
- In the distance is a feature of the European death zone
- Shaxx and Xur staff are working to create a kind of robotic army
- Humanity rebuilds weapons, sparrows and spaceships
- You can also see spaceships landing and starting, guardians are boarded on board
- You also discover a chicken on the farm
- Players can play football. This is much more stylish than playing the soccer in Destiny 1 - a touch of FIFA 18
- The farm will offer 26 players, so your guardian will give us up to 25 more. The guardians can act together, lead their equipment and show themselves.


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