Destiny 2! Which class is best? Titan, Hunter or Warlock

You are a newcomer and haven't played the previous game in the franchise and don’t know which class you should pick at the beginning or you are a veteran, but overwhelmed by the new possibilities? In this guide to Destiny 2, we will help you to choose the right class for your gameplay style.

In Destiny there are three classes: Titan, Hunter and Warlock. Each class has several sub-classes that have different abilities.

In addition to these subclass abilities, the three classes in Destiny are mainly distinguished by their armor, melee animations, class objects, and different movement modes.

- Titan: Titans are defenders and front line fighters and have powerful melee ability. Their class specific object is a sash that is worn at the right hip. Titans are equipped with boosters that allow them to rise quickly.

- Hunter: Hunters are agile and fast guardians who can move quickly between coverings. Hunters stand on knives, which they use mainly in close combat. Hunters wear cloaks in all variants as class-specific items. They are also agile in the air and can quickly change the direction.

- Warlock: The class with the lightest armor (unless they wear any equipment that increases the armor). Your class-specific item is a bangle worn on the left arm. Warlocks move through the air.

In Destiny, the melee attacks of all three classes have the same range.

New Class Skills / Abilities in Destiny 2

The developer has made some changes to the classes in Destiny 2. Each class now has its own special abilities. This makes the classes even more distinctive, giving players the ability to take specific roles or play styles by selecting a class and the appropriate equipment.

The Titan is now equipped with a barrier that allows him to cover all areas and be protected from hostile fire. You can also choose between a large and a small cover. The small cover makes it possible to shoot enemies across the barrier, and it offers the advantage of directly loading equipped weapons.

All Hunter sub-classes are able to evade and damage in Destiny 2. This further increases the agility of the hunter, allowing him to successfully reload weapons, or reduce the cooldown of melee.

In Destiny 2, the Warlock gains special abilities, which make him a kind of supporter. The warlock can create a circle around him, in which he and allied players regenerate life or inflict increased damage.

The sub-classes in the Destiny 2 Beta

Players in Destiny 2 can select their preferred subclass in the respective class. In order to use all abilities of a subclass, they must first be unlocked with experience (they are already activated in beta).

Each subclass belongs to an element: void, arc and solar. Each element offers other super abilities and skills, such as melee modifications or grenades.

Destiny 2 will provide at least six sub-classes - two for each of the three classes - which will also be playable in the beta:

- Titan: Striker / Sentinel
- Hunter: Arcstriker, Gunslinger
- Warlock: Voidwalker / Dawnblade

Note that during the beta you will not be able to equip all abilities. You will not need to level your character as grenades and melee skills are already unlocked.

The striker, the revolver hero and the idler were already playable in Destiny 1. In Destiny 2 they return in modified form.

What class should I play in the beta?

You should try all classes at least once. Since many of the abilities are already unlocked, you should get a good impression of each class very quickly. 

If you don’t have time to try out all classes, here are a few considerations:

Titans are great in battle in the front row, while warlocks and hunter have to battle from a safe distance.

What about mobility? Destiny rewards agile, mobile gameplay, but not everyone likes jumping around the area with fast changes. If you prefer high agility, the hunter might be the class of your choice.

Play Destiny 2 in the group or alone

You are waiting with your clan colleagues for the beta and want to play in the group. With its new special capability, the Warlock is ideally suited as a supporter. Your colleagues will thank you when they can do more damage or be cured.

The hunter is a well-liked comrade, both as a solo player and as a group member, because he can act from a distance through his high agility, but can also revive fast fallen allies.

You may have hundreds of hours in the menu before your character in the main game. And as to the question of which class has the best style, wars and disagreeable discussions have already taken place. To answer the question: Warlocks.