In Dream Daddy, a dad dating simulator, you’ll find seven different dads: Joseph, Robert, Mat, Craig, Damien, Hugo and Brian. They are all waiting to be dated. First you have to get to know them all. If you have chosen your Prince Charming, you will be able to get to know him in his three dates - in the end, perhaps an achievement and the wining of the corresponding dad’s heart. In the appointments, conversations are triggered, in which you have different choices.

If you want to unlock all the endings and love every dad, you just have to add more saves. First, go to the bar and talk to Mary and don’t sleep with Robert. Then save the first time. Only the third dates have a great influence on the final result. So, after all the second dates, save and go off every third date, afterwards to restart again from the save point and another daddy to date.


Joseph is the first youth minister dad of Maple Bay and married to Mary. He has four children, all of whom are allusions to his Christian faith. Yet he has kept an eye on you. He likes to bake with his children. His life is sailing. He loves his yacht - maybe you will see her?

Accordingly, he does not like it when other sailors wear crocs, even though they are on a boat. With Joseph, you can unlock the achievement "Margarita Zone" at the end of the three dates. Below we show you the conversation options that you should click if you want to be intimate with Joseph:

First Date

- Egg them on.
- Go with something obscure.
- Spoon Duel the Spider King
- Oh yeah!
- We improvised.
- Let the man buy his brownies.
- Remember that one time…
- They seem nice.
- Brownies fix everything.

Second Date

- Jesus is calming.
- That’s not how DJing works.
- Sandra.
- Start with the Lawnmower.
- Running man.
- Cabbage Patch.
- Moonwalk.
- Death drop.
- Watch out for blown out flip flops.

Third Date

- Can do!
- I had lobster last week and I Can’t wait to eat more of you.
- Radio- Mini Game: Connect both cables and office clamps. Now add the nail, the coin and the gum.
- Wine!!
- Examine cabinet.
- Examine Cabinet.
- Examine Drawer.
- Focus on the rest of the room.
- Examine Shelf
- Examine photos, books, and knick-knacks.
- Focus on the rest of the room.
- Examine lounge.
- Examine bed, floor, and side table.
- Focus on the rest of the room, head back up to Joseph.
- Power four.
- Do you like your mysteries… hot bodied?
- What’s it like owning a yacht?
- Long, Hard, and Full of Seamen.


Robert is the rebellious daddy in town. He is a widower and he has no contact with his natural daughter. This is probably responsible for the reason why Robert Messer likes to wake up before 3pm. He believes that there are mystical beings and persecutes them and their stories.

Don’t try a small talk with him - he doesn’t like it at all. Feelings are absolutely not his thing, so Robert is a serious candidate, if you plan to give him your heart. In addition to the achievement "Knife Dad" you can unlock with him also the achievement "Bad Dad". If you bounce the first night with him, you unlock this achievement.

First Date

- I’m just chilling”
- Whiskey, straight up
- Whiskey hasn’t failed me yet
- You with the feds?
- Could you get the next round?
- You know it!
- This one’s for you, Pappy
- Of course
- You betcha
- Thanks for defending my honor

Second Date

- Hoist that Rag, baby
- Say nothing
- Play along
- You’re lying
- I’m glade you told me

Third Date

- To you
- He’d never convince the jury
- 80′s reference
- Go with something I know
- Travelling Grifter
- Working a couple short cons
- Daniel McSturgiss
- Ecclesiastes 12:7
- Paranormal Excursions of the Supernatural: Ice Road Ghost Truckers
- You trying to poison me?
- Yes
- Push it
- Tell him what he needs to hear


Mat belongs to the local café. Without his headphones he would never leave the house. In addition, he is always in a good mood and energetic. No matter what drink you call him, he will like it. But the banana bread is different. Grateful Bread is an absolute no-go at him, while he likes Banana Bread Kennedys, but Right Said Banana Bread loves.

Mat likes concerts, which he likes to visit with his daughter. He likes to shape hearts into the foam of the coffee he has prepared and loves to create mixtapes. The musician likes to drink his coffee strongly and doesn’t like people who do not care about their plates. If you finish all three dates, you will receive the "King of Carrot Flowers" achievement.

First Date

- Yes of course I definitely know what I’m talking about
- Tally ho, good sir
- Ask Again
- Ask Again!
- Crowd-Mini game: Try to stay as close as possible to Mat.
- The Youths will finally accept me
- Fashion

Second Date

- Father John Misto
- Yeah. Why not?
- Show him you’re not wearing a wire
- Rip that golf faraway
- Go with a classic
- Never too late to get back into it

Third Date

- I’ll do it!
- Keyboard-Mini game
- Tomas Kalnoky


Craig was your roommate in college. You have known him for a long time. Now he has a child, a job and his hobby, the sport, which takes him a lot of time. His most beautiful date would be to climb a large mountain and enjoy the view from above. He teaches softball to children and likes to train with his little daughter on his back. He likes to be with friends and is always on the road.

He hates boredom and people who perform inaccurate stretch techniques. If you manage to conquer the heart of Craig and complete all three dates, the "Keg Stand Champion" awaits you. Craig is divorced and has three children.

First Date

- Kids
- Business
- Softball
- The right person will come alone eventually.
- I mean…

Second Date

- Go to playground
- Look for clues
- Interrogate Joseph
- That sounds a little suspect, Joseph
- No (yes)
- Try to calm River down
- Move to another part of the park
- Go to the field
- Mat and Carmensita
- Check out those squirrels.
- The tree
- Look for clues
- Interrogate River
- Good cop
- Move to another part of the park
- Go to the woods
- Look for clues
- Interrogate Robert
- Be the bad cop
- Go deeper into the woods
- Yes
- Grimy brunch
- Gotta threat yourself

Third Date

- Such a gentleman
- There won’t be
- Look at Craig’s butt
- Let’s put on a show
- Dunk him
- Run to the top, Until he says he's done.
- I’ll race you to the top
- Go overboard with compliments
- Hell yeah, bro


Damien lives in the past - more precisely in the Victorian era. He works in the IT and has a teenage son named Lucien, who imitates his father's Goth attitudes. He likes hanging out on gravestones in the cemetery. He also likes to prepare animals and put them out in his house. Don’t forget that he loves the Victorian Age, but hates the age of Edward, who came afterwards.

Don’t call his cloak Cape and do not eat garlic bread before you go to the date. If you do it all and finish the last date, you'll get the "Interview with the Vampire".

First Date

- Look out the window
- Look at the butterflies
- Pick up a book
- Your home is really impressive!
- Love me some word jumbles.
- Thou Art the Tightest
- Honeysuckle | Snapdragon (Both are Likes)
- Gargoyle-Mini game: Take a large piece and place it quickly on the base. Now take the chest-and not the head! and turn it right-click. Put it on the base and take your head now and put it on it.
- I really admire how you handled that.

Second Date

- I do hope that this letter finds you in good health.
- I must confess of my amateur control of the written word.
- You find me in good spirits, for I felt very much the same after our last encounter.
- While a strange turn of events, I found myself enamored of the situation at hand.
- It would bring me great pleasure to escort you to the cinema.
- Namaste,
- Is everything okay?
- Tell a dad joke.
- Thanks.
- I will use this to dry my tears for those I’ve lost.

Third Date

- Aquarium
- Gotta stay positive
- Bayside
- Softball Field
- Coffee Spoon
- How many goths does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
- Cul-de-sac
- Coffee Spoon
- Cul-de-sac
- Banana Bread
- What flavor pizza roles are those?
- Does a bat have wings?


Hugo is a teacher at the school of your daughter, which leads here and there to tensions in your small family. He likes to discuss wine-cheese combinations. He likes to share kisses in art galleries - but only to those to whom he bestows his heart. He loves the smell of books and also writes himself. Hugo wrote articles on 18th century literature.

However, if he sees bad filming of good books, he quickly gets angry. He does not like to play the teacher in the summer school - he wants to spend his free time with someone he likes. Will you succeed? Then you will definitely get the achievement "Asiago-getter".

First Date

- I didn’t like it.
- Blue Nosed Wigglyfish.
- Political Fish Trivia
- Absolutely Not.
- We can learn a great deal from mother ocean.
- We don’t have time for games here.
- Lay down the law.
- Pinguin-Mini game: Throw as many hands as possible to the penguins. Shoot the money to the kids and avoid the penguins.
- I bribed a child.
- There is nothing on earth more satisfying than a good cheese board.

Second Date

- We’ll see what we can do to not hurt your feelings too bad.
- Havarti Like It’s 1999 (There are no bad answers)
- Endor
- Edgar Rice Burroughs
- The Count of Monte Cristo
- Their Mother
- Hulk Hogan
- Poltergeist
- Dogs
- Zyzzyva (a type of American weavil)
- Otter
- Ask Again
- Ask Again
- This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

Third Date

- I don’t know what’s happening but this is amazing.
- I’m glad I’m here with you.
- Create a distraction. (There are no bad answers)
- Scream.
- Give the crowd what they want.
- Bomb Clancy (There are no bad answers)
- Go for it


Brian loves his 10-year-old daughter Daisy. He calls himself a super dad and likes to go fishing. He wanted to become a firefighter, but now he is a successful entrepreneur. He likes to brag about his abilities as a father and likes to play poker. Besides, he likes Corgis - who is not, please?

If you question his or her abilities as a father or know more about this subject, it might be a sore offense. If his Corgi digs his beloved garden, it also makes him angry. Moreover, he does not want to be a small spoon when cuddling. If you take this role, you will soon unlock the "Soft Boy" achievement.

First Date

- Avast Ye! (No bad choice)
- I know when to hold ‘em.
- Golf-Mini Game
- I fought valiantly and my only regret was being bested.
- Ask about his daughter.
- Compliment his beard.
- No one can out-fish me.
- This is a great oppor-tuna-ty for friendship!

Second Date

- Maybe if I fall in you’ll save me.
- Put some bait on the hook.
- Tie a knot or something.
- Fishing-Mini Game: This mini game is special and always keeps the rod in the eye.
- Fake-out throw!
- Rub that belly.

Third Date

- Be honest with yourself.
- Fishing-Mini game


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