Error Fixes for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Lag, FPS Drops

Like many other video games such as Gears of War 4, Street Fighter V or Conan Exiles, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds also uses the Unreal Engine 4. This provides a very good basis for graphics and physics, but must always be adapted to the respective game and its requirements. However, since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still in the alpha phase, problems with different hardware configurations can occur.

In general, you can reduce the graphics settings to a minimum and you can play smoothly without lags or FPS drops. Especially, reducing the shadows and textures bring most FPS. In addition, you can also reduce the render scale. This option causes your graphics card to calculate only the specified value in percent (80-90 is acceptable) of the actual resolution, but the image will be scaled to the resolution of the monitor.

There are also other settings that improve game performance:

- Post-processing: With this option, the image is generally nice and also the enemies in the grass are easier to recognize as they appear darker. So set this setting as high as possible when your hardware is involved.

- Anti-aliasing: Better known as edge smoothing. A change in this setting will hardly improve the performance. However, you should set it lower, the older graphics cards have problems with this option.

- Shadows: A good attitude is here between very low and medium. Too high a value leads to enormous performance losses and to the fact that you recognize your opponents worse, since the game generally appears darker.

- Textures: This setting depends heavily on the memory of your graphics card. However, in general, it can be said that an optical difference between high and ultra is barely perceptible, but it can cost you about 10 FPS.

Additional graphics settings

- To avoid being surprised by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds lag, when an opponent takes you with grenades, you should have the option for the quality of the effects on.

- Low: In addition, there are other settings that can help you improve performance:

- Motion blur: The motion blur does not bring any real optical advantages, since it makes the image seem blurred (as the name suggests) during a movement - which makes you unnecessarily difficult to aim. Disable the setting.

- View Distance: You can also choose a low setting for the visibility, because you will still be able to see distant opponents.

- Foliage: Here you set the amount of visible grasses and bushes. You can also set this option to Low to get some FPS out. Until recently this option still had the advantage that you can see at a low value, opponents better.

Startup parameters via Steam

There are a few options that can be added to the game as a starting parameter, in order to improve game performance. To do this, select the game in your Steam library by right-clicking and then click Properties. In the window that opens, click Set Startup Options. The possible commands are as follows:

- USEALLAVAILABLECORES: Tells the game to use all the processor cores available in your computer.

- maxMem = 16000: Determines how much memory PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is allowed to use. Of course, this value depends on how much memory is available in your computer.

- refresh 100: Replaces the number (100) with the refresh rate of your monitor. Often this value is 60.

- malloc = System: Forces PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to use the Windows memory management instead of its own.

- sm4: This option brings you many FPS, because an older and less elaborate S haderModel (4) is used. Unfortunately, the game looks much older.