Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age: Earn EXP, Level Up Fast Guide

In The Zodiac Age, the re-mastered version of Final Fantasy 12, you can level up quickly by using the Gambit system mechanics. Depending on the state, there are different farm spots and in this guide, we will show you the two most efficient methods that will give you a lot of EXP at the very beginning of the game, and you will be able to build your characters rapidly.

With the first method you can reach up to level 25 very easily. In doing so, you don’t have to pay attention to any special Gambit mechanics, but instead proceed as follows:

- First, complete the Dalan’s order in the Giza level. This allows you to shop at Migelo’s store in Rabanastre with phoenix feathers. You need this for the farm method, so buy as many as you can.

- Now go to the Dalmasca desert, but make sure that you have only less than 10% of your hit points. For this, you attract the undead monster Dustia, which you can kill directly with a phoenix feather.

- In this way, after each battle against Dustia, you gain 1,100 EXP and three license points. For Dustia to emerge again, you must leave the desert completely and enter again. However, you can do this by leaving the area before the earned EXP and license points are displayed. If you are fast enough, Dustia appears immediately after entering the area.

Tip! For this method set the game speed to low so you can be master of the situation. As a lucrative yield, sometimes you get Books of Orgain and Flame Staves, which you can sell to earn more Gil. Repeat the method as long as you want and before Fran and Balthier join your party as their level is aligned with Vaans level.

Earn Infinity EXP with auto leveling trick

Even then popular, the auto leveling trick also works again in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodac Age. Use a special Gambit compilation, which allows you to prolong a fight infinitely for a long time and to collect EXP repeatedly. This works in the fight against the monster Negalmuur, which always evokes monster fright. So, if you kill yourself so often, but leave Negalmuur alone, the fight never ends.

You will find the rare monster Negalmuur in the Stilshrine of Miriam in the Ward of the Sword King area. But first you must have been in the Stilshrine of Miriam for 30 minutes. Kill the Darkmare in the Ward of the Sword King. Now leave the area and enter it again, so that Negalmuur can emerge.

Note the following things for the auto-level trick:

- Apply the method only if you are between level 35- 40. In this area you are able to kill a monster before Negalmuur can summon. Otherwise, you will be overrun.

- The weapons used should not be too strong for the method. Since your party can occasionally be confused with the status change, your party members could kill each other if the weapons are too strong.

- If available, the members of your party equip themselves with the Embroidered Tippets to get double EXP. The golden amulet is also practical, since you get double license points.

Keep in mind that something can always go wrong, for example, if the group leader dies once and another group member can not revive him fast enough. Then after three seconds a window would pop up, which requires your intervention.