Flotsam Bottle Locations: Little Nightmares, The Depths DLC

In the first chapter of the Little Nightmares DLC "The Deeps", you will encounter new collectible objects called Flotsam Bottles. A total of five bottles are hidden, and in this guide we will show you how to find them all.

All the five recovered flotsam you find in the form of bottles, on which an eye symbol is depicted. If you see such a bottle, you just have to grab it, the rest makes Kid automatic. He opens the bottle and takes the message in it. This will save the collectible objects for your progress.

If you have collected all the five flotsam bottles that are scattered throughout the "The Depths”, you will be able to unlock "Not alone", one of Little Nightmares' trophies.

The locations of The Flotsam Bottles:

1 - At the beginning you run through some areas, which you already know from the main game. After you have crossed the game room and the toilet, you enter a room with a sink, where the first bottle is in washbasin. Push the crate in the room to reach the bottle.

2 - In the space where you can change the water level with the help of the lever, you have to fill the pool up to a quarter with water. This allows you to swim in the pool right through a tube and find the bottle in the back of the next room.

3 - In one of the flooded rooms with the water monster you come to a place with two containers, which are connected by a suspension bridge. Just to the right of it, you can reach a platform with the next bottle in the back of the flotation.

4 - Later on in the level, you get to a wall, which you have to climb up to the top of the wall. However, jump halfway on the lead. You have to take a long jump to the left to find the next bottle.

5- Shortly before the end of the level, you enter a room, where stairs lead up to the left. Move to the right and remove the two wooden planks from the wall. Right behind it is the fifth and final bottle.