Fortnite: Cross Platform - how to buy, play and save

How long have we been waiting for a good co-op game that supports Cross Platform? Fortnite now offers you cross-buy, cross-play and cross-save.

The early access game is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Reddit has now announced that cross-play is possible between the different devices. However, you have to cut back. Because playing between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 does not work. In order to play Cross platform, you need a PC-Player, who invites friends on one of the two devices. (Cross-Play for Fortnite is only possible between PC and PlayStation 4 as well as between PC and Xbox One! The official FAQ says that Fortnite doesn’t support cross-play - but it actually works).

How the Cross Platform Play Works

- To play Fortnite on the PC, you need the Epic Launcher. If you have not downloaded it yet, make it now.

- Adds your console friends to the Launcher now. Keep in mind that you don’t need to specify the profile names on the console, but the e-mail address or name your friends need to log in to Epic Games.

- It is important that your console friends have already started the game. Now click on their name in your friend list and choose Join.

- Only PC gamers can press the Join.

(It is possible only after the third mission to fight with other players. So, first, play the tutorial and take care of your friends)

Cross - Buy and Cross-Save possible only between PC and PlayStation 4

Both options are only possible on PC and PS4. First, you need an Epic Games account. Create one on the Fortnite website.

- Now go into your account settings.
- Select Connected accounts.
- Now click Connect under PSN connection.

Now, not only cross-buy but also cross-save is activated. This means that your overall progress on the PC is also available on the PS4. In addition, you only need to buy Fortnite once and can then play it on a different platform. However, as already mentioned, Xbox players cannot yet enjoy these benefits.