Fortnite: Getting started / Beginner's guide for surviving

In Fortnite, you have to survive from hordes of monsters. To fight against these nasty monsters you must create weapons, traps and collect resources to reinforce your fortress. In this guide to Fortnite, we give you some useful tips to help you survive from the monsters.


In the game, you must concern about the resources you need to collect for each game and the strength of your defense. After all, you can still build such good weapons, but if you have too little building material for your base, the game will be finished quickly. You have basically three different resources in Fortnite: stone, wood and metal.

There are other resources required for the creation of weapons, ammunition and traps. These crafting items include tape, screws, crystals or batteries. These items can be found in containers and chests. With the three basic resources, you must work with your pickaxes and get them from your environment. The pickaxe is also valid for all three resources, and you can increase the speed of the cut by mastering certain skills.


Collect all the items you can as each resource can save you when the monsters come up. In addition to the structures and traps that you can build, you should provide enough ammunition before each round. This also costs you materials, which is why you should never underestimate a few reserves.

Build Weapons 

In Fortnite, you don’t collect weapons directly, but you should consider a few tips. Weapons can be disassembled so that their material can be recovered. Moreover, they have certain durability and break after a time. You will find armory and a Blueprints which allows you to create weapons. You can build this as often as you like, if you have the resources. You can drop the weapons so they can be used by other players.

Explore The Map

You should always explore the map so you don’t miss any important resources or containers. Cover the entire map and profit from your exploration. Through this Fortnite tip, you can even encounter survivors on the map. They can help you defend your base.

Hero Classes

The heroes in the game are divided into four classes. You take control of one of them and can also choose their bonuses for units and the Missions defenders. These four classes are available: Soldier, Constructor, Ninja and Outlander Leadership

In the menu you can organize three slots, you choose a hero called a primary slot. You play him and he has an influence on your values. In addition, there are still influences from the selected game world and the units. Of the units-Bonus determines which two additional heroes you choose, which will not appear, but will improve the primary hero by bonus features.

The mission defenders are NPCs who can help you defend the mission objective. You must build a defender platform, whereupon an NPC will appear to take a position there. There are also survivors on the map who can reward you with additional resources or can be recruited for the defense of the base.

Base Building

If you have noticed the other tips on Fortnite, you should have collected enough resources and map information. Now you should do the construction of defense systems. Try to place as many traps as you can, so you can take the main work for you as you fall into more critical points. Just take a careful look at the building options, so you always know what's going on.


When building your own fortress and the subsequent battle, it is particularly important that you know the behavior of the monsters. Basic tips on Fortnite building options are that you think the monsters cannot climb and can even be stopped by semi-high walls. Try to mount metal walls, since wood can be destroyed very quickly.

Multiplayer vs Singleplayer

Fortnite not only lets you play in singleplayer mode, but you can also play with friends. In doing so, you build together at your base and face the hordes of invading monsters. There are several game modes in Fortnite where you can compete alone or in a group. Up to four players can compete in all PvE matches. If your friends are not online, you can also use matchmaking.