Get the Best Weapon Seitengrat: Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age

Seitengrat is the best weapon that you can obtain in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age. With 224 attack power and 75 evasion, it surpasses the best weapon Zodiac Spear from the original game, which has an attack value of 150. In this guide, we show you how to get the Seitengrat and explain the advantages of this weapon.

If you want to get hold of Seitengrat, then you need a lot of luck. But we'll give you a method that you can use to get it easily. To do this, proceed as follows.

- First you need the diamond armlet, which requires finding the higher quality items from chests. You can find the diamond armlet in a chest in the Tchita Uplands or buy it for 20,000 Gil in the eastern desert Dalmascas. In addition, you have a 3% chance that the monster "Mum Bomb" will drop it as a prey.

- Then go onto the airship deck. Because here an invisible chest can be spawned with the Seitengrat. This was not yet to be found in the original game. The location of the invisible crate is located on the upper deck in the rear area. The box is there, you realize that Vaan then runs against an invisible wall. The exact location can be seen in the following picture.

- Since the probability of the box spawns is only 1%, you probably have to try it more often. Leave and enter the area again and again, until you get the chest.

- If the chest is there, prepare the diamond armlet and open it. With a chance of 1% the diamond armlet is there. There are two probabilities of 1% to overcome in order to get the weapon. This gives the chance 0.01% on each new entry of the area.

According to various reports on the Internet, the probability could also have been raised, as many players are relatively often crated. On Reddit a player also announces that he has got the weapon without a diamond armlet. If this is true, you can get the Seitengrat relatively early in the game without much effort.

Why is the Seitengrat so good?

The Seitengrat has the best attack value, the highest reflex and the shortest reload time of all weapons in Final Fantasy 12, which is quite unusual for this kind of weapon. The exact values of the Seitengrat are as follows:

- Attack: 224
- Evasion: 75
- Crit. Chance -%: 25
- Charging: 10

In addition to the best crit % of all ranged weapons, the Seitengrat has a very high range and can be used by any of your characters.