GTA 5 Online: Dawn Raid brings lots of money and fun

In the new Dawn-Raid game mode for GTA 5 Online, two teams with up to 12 players compete against each other. You start the match with a jump from a helicopter positioned above the battlefield. After the jump you control your character with its parachute to any point on the map and fight there with heavy weapons for a delivery, which must be brought to a delivery point. Who still plays today, gets twice as much GTA money and RP.

This entry into the Battlefield reminds strongly of the current Steam game "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", in which players also fly by parachute to the map and provide themselves with equipment and weapons. In the GTA-5 game mode you have armor and weapons already equipped and can directly jump.

GTA 5 Online, Dawn Raid

In Dawn Raid, on the ground, both teams have the goal of finding a hidden supply crate on the map and bringing them to a delivery point. You are equipped with night vision and thermal imaging cameras, so that you can recognize your opponents on the night.

Support your team to secure the supply box by shooting your opponent with sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, or shotguns. Who dies, spawns again in the helicopter and crashes back on the battlefield. Have you noticed the position of your killer? Then fly secretly to his vicinity and pump him from behind full lead!

Dawn Raid is tactical and fun. In this mode it is not just about slaughtering, but also about tactics. Do you hide in safe buildings until the air is clean, or do you rush along with your entire team and try to run as quickly as possible to the delivery point? Which method you use is up to you.

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