Hearthstone: Choose Your Champion earn Up to 4 free card packs

The Hearthstone developers try to lead the players again more into the suction of the eSports and therefore again organize a small promo action. In the coming week, the HCT Spring Championship 2017 will take place in Shanghai, one of the tournaments that are part of the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

On the official Hearthstone website, players can choose one of the participants and call them their personal "Champion". For the choice alone there is a free card pack from "Journey to Un' Goro", for each round, the champion continues, wave another pack. All in all, you can earn 4 free card packs when you choose the best player.

Who Should You Pick as Champion?

But who should you pick as champions? On Reddit, most players tend to choose Muzzy, since he has already shone in the preliminary decision. The same is true for Neirea.

Whoever wants to put on an "audience favorite" remains with Kolento, who has already made a name for himself over the years in the Hearthstone scene, above all for the creation of the Miracle Rogue.

Also Rdu could be a good choice, since he already participated in many tournaments.

For the pros, the tournament is a lot of money, as a total of $ 250,000 is won. The first place is home to the lion's share of $ 60,000.

The games will take place from 7th to 9th July.