Fix Destiny 2 Not Starting Errors, Ban, Crashes and Lags

New Update: The PC version of the Bungie's SciFi shooter, Destiny 2, is finally here. However, some PC players are reporting bugs, bans, black screen, crashes, performance issues, network / connection problems and launch errors. In our Destiny 2 troubleshooting guide, we’ll share you some known technical problems and give you some possible solutions to deal with them. 

Fix Network Problems

Bungie is currently working on solutions for bugs and server load issues. However, you can also try fixing some of the most common network problems yourself.

- WLAN connection is not working - Restart your home network

- Avoid network overloads - Close all streaming services and background programs.

- Close the current game session, restart your PC, and then restart Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is Not Loading: Processors that are not running Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3) are not supported by the game.

The client crashes when your AMD uses Crossfire and saves from the game.

Update Outdated Drivers: Expired driver software regularly causes many problems.

Avoid Greek or Cyrillic characters when saving the game

SLI, HDR and VSYNC: There may be problems if you have activated SLI or HDR in some non-native resolutions so deactivate VSYNC. It is best to use these features at maximum resolution.

Bug - Saxophone: Destiny 2 doesn't work properly when it opens the game from the .exe file. Close the game and reopen it via Blizzard or

Inactivity / Unable to Log In: If you are inactive for some time, then Destiny 2 will return to the start screen, where you won’t be able to log in again. In this case, close Destiny 2 and restart it.

Interrupted Internet Connection: Sign-in problems may occur if your Internet has been interrupted for a short time. Also for this you have to restart Destiny 2.

Bug - Buffalo: If you logged in / registered with several PCs at the same time, then this error code may occur. So make sure you are logged in only where you want to play.

Multiple Monitor Errors: If you change the resolution of your Tri-Monitor configurations, sometimes the cursor can only move in a display. Then close Destiny 2 with Alt + Tab and restart it.

Black Screen [/ b] (especially on laptops): If a black screen appears, try to restart the game in window or full screen mode.

Close Application: Destiny 2 can only be closed on the PC with the mouse. This function is not working on a controller.

Programs Which Lead to an Automatic Ban

Some PC players were probably wrongly banned by Bungie. There is no apparent reason for this but now it has been revealed in some forums that there are some programs, which are supposedly not compatible with Destiny 2. If you are not permanently banned, then you should avoid using the following programs:

- Game Capture programs: OBS, XSPLIT
- Overlays: Fraps, Mumble, Discord
- Hardware Monitoring Software: MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision XOC

If you believe that you have been mistreated, then visit and ask for a refund.

Destiny 2 Beta Fixes

The Destiny 2 beta test already started on consoles but the PC players will have to wait until August to get their turn. It is still an early version of the game and like many other beta testing games, players can encounter problems such as crashes, bug issues, lags and network errors. The Destiny 2 developer Bungie has already listed some of the errors and problems that they know and work with. In our troubleshooting guide, we will not only itemize these, but also provide fixes and support.

Before you start Destiny 2, make sure that your PC meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements.


Processor: AMD FX-4350, Intel Core i3-3250 or similar
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB), AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2 GB) or similar
RAM: 6 GB of RAM
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8


Processor: AMD Ryzen R5 1600X, Intel Core i5-2400 or more
Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 390 or more
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
OS: Windows 10

Known issues / bugs in the Destiny 2 beta

Update: Various Error Codes:

- Termite Error code when logging in: Many players still struggle with termite error code. Bungie has just reported that the number of players is growing and they are working on the problem. This login error was fixed almost three hours after the beta start.

- Moose: Only a few minutes after the announcement that the termites were eliminated, according to Bungie, heaped up Moose Errors. This is a general network error. It is recommended to restart the activity when moss occurs.

- Client Crashes: There are several player reports that the beta client crashes. This crash can occur in the game and during login. 8 hours ago, Bungie twittered that they are working on to fix this problem.

- Weasel: This error occurs with some players when they return to orbit or inspect their gear. Bungie is currently investigating this error.

 Various Network Issues:

This can be due to the number of players, but also because Bungie wants to test the server stability by means of beta, which is why failures can occur.

- If a player from the same local network enters a squad, problems may occur. Click on the router for this and activate UPnP .

- Place names and positions are not displayed correctly in the crucible: Raids in PvE and PvP mode will cause this error.

- Black screens can appear as soon as you start a countdown match: "Countdown" is a new mode in PvP, which you can test in the beta.

Fix, Destiny 2, Not Starting, Errors, Ban, Crashes, Lags Issues

- Trying to participate in a Strike that is already in progress, you will be placed at the beginning of it: This problem appears in the Strike - The Inverted Spire, which you can play with up to two friends. You usually start at the last checkpoint. However, with this bug issue, you appear at the beginning of the mission.

- Some weapons or abilities can be too strong or weak: The beta is designed to find such balancing problems in order to eradicate them in the full version.

- The localization is missing in some places, so that not everything in all languages has been translated.

Help and Fixes

The below list shows you how much disk space you need to download, install and finally play the Destiny 2.

Xbox One: File size - 13 GB / Required HD Space - 13 GB

PlayStation 4: File size - 15 GB / Required HD Space - 30 GB

If you have network problems with the beta version of Destiny 2 and cannot start the game, try the following:

- Open your router settings and activate UPnP. If you also have the possibility to configure the port forwarding, this also works.

- Switch from WLAN to LAN cable and connect the console manually to your network.

- Destiny needs about a bandwidth of one MBit / s (download as well as upload). So close applications such as streaming videos or Twitch.

- Look for new updates for your router or your modem.

- If the game stops, then turns off the console and turn it on again. Try again by restarting Destiny 2.

- Network problems can often occur during the beta therefore, you should wait a few minutes and then try again.