Jenos Paladins New Champion revealed at the DreamHack

At the DreamHack in Valencia, a small teaser video of Paladins’ new champion Jenos was revealed.

However, the teaser does not show what kind of Champion Jenos could be. In the background are stars to see. In the last bit of the video, it is observed that Jenos is floating in the sky. This is a special feature of Jenos, he can hover. Until now, flying was only possible for the ladies of Paladins. Paladins lead artist Thomas Holt explained that champions like Ying and Willo are mystical beings and use magic to float. In Yenos the case is a bit different.

Jenos becomes the first man of Paladins, who can fly together with the hovering ladies. He draws his strength not from magic, but from the stars. The new Paladins support is designed around the subject of astrology and astronomy. That is why the background of the teaser video looks like the universe.

Thomas Holt gave us the tip to look closely at the lotus flower in Jeno's hand. This will probably play an important role. The flower itself is a collection of stars, from which Jenos draws his power.

Dataming says more about Jenos - Paladin's new support is "Astro"

There were references to three champions, Princess, Astro and Owl. Princess has already entered the Moba Shooter and is now known as Lian.

Astro already had the first skills and cards in this datamining. From this it can almost be concluded that Astro is Jenos. Here it can be seen that Jeno's allies heal and have extremely high mobility. There are skills again, which are circumscribed as light speed and jenos also seems to work with gravitation.