Overwatch: Doomfist Abilities and Controls

Overwatch has introduced its 25th hero, Doomfist. He is called Akande Ogundimu in real life and is 45 years old Nigeria from one of the most prestigious families that led a prosthesis technology company. He himself inherited this company and contributed decisively to the expansion and the future of his family. In his spare time, he devoted himself to competition oriented martial arts. Everywhere on the African continent he took part in competitions and relied on his instincts and his ability to advance the next step of his opponent.

But after the Omnic crisis he lost his right arm and it seemed as if his combat sports career had been abruptly terminated. But thanks to a cybernetic prosthesis of his own company, he recovered from the accident and became even stronger. The only drawback was that he was no longer allowed to participate in competitions through the prosthesis. To distract himself, he put all his energies into the direction of his company, but quickly realized that this did not really help.

He received an offer from Akinjide Adeyemi , who was better known as the second doom fist, the scourge of Numbani. So Ogundimu offered to fight with him as a Solder, and although he was suspicious at first, he accepted the offer. He was able to use his abilities fully in his new profession, which led him to be appointed by Adeyemi as a member of the organization Talon. The Talon philosophy that conflicts helped the development of mankind found Ogundimu interesting and he faced new challenges.

Adeyemi was a valuable member of the organization, but was limited to attacks in Numbani. On the other hand, Ogundimu had higher goals and so his ambition to kill his former teacher and take his identity. From the time he called himself Doomfist and got up quickly within Talon. He helped to create a conflict which, according to the plans of the organization, would one day overpower the entire world.

An overload command, consisting of Tracer, Winston and Genji, crossed his plans and captured him. Ogundimu then spent many years in a high-security jail where he was waiting for the events that were set to take effect. At some point, he realized that the time had come for his return. He broke out of the prison and brought Doomfist's glove, which was stored in Numbani, into his power.

Even the defensive robots of the series OR15, which were put into service in Numbani, could not stop him. Now, after taking his place at the top of Talon again, Doomfist is preparing to launch a war again.

Doomfist’s Abilities

Doomfist, thanks to his past, is a mobile, powerful front fighter. With his hand cannon, he can cause long-range damage, but he is a true master in close combat. He makes the earth shake with the seismic slam. He can also move an opponent upwards - an uppercut - and throw them into the air, causing spells or attacks to be interrupted.

Doomfist uses the steam hammer to get rid of his opponents and push them back. If he places the hammer so that his opponent bounces against a wall, the damage caused is even increased. By causing damage through all of these abilities, Doomfist creates a personal shield around him that protects him from incoming damage.

His ultimate ability is as powerful as it sounds. With the meteor strike, Doomfist leaps high into the air and hits the ground again at a previously selected spot, causing serious damage to all the enemies in the radius.

He is an excellent tool to remove healers or vulnerable damage distributors. His steam hammer can break canalized healing and damage spells and thus takes corresponding heroes out of the fight. The damage he causes is not to be underestimated, even if dealing with Doomfist is quite difficult to assess. Most of his attacks can only be used in close combat and therefore must be placed well.

Doomfist Controls

Left mouse button (Hand Cannon) - Doomfist fires a short-range shot from the knuckles of his fist. The ammo for this weapon will be regenerated automatically.

Right mouse button (Rocket Punch) - After a short boot time, Doomfist rushes towards an opponent and pushes him back. If the opponent bounces against a wall, he suffers more damage.

E (Seismic Slam) - Doomfist makes a set forward and hits the ground with his fist, with opponents being hurled towards him.

Left Shift (Rising Uppercut) - Doomfist moves an opponent in front of him, throwing him into the air.

Q (Meteor Strike) - Doomfist bounces high, hits the ground, causing serious damage.

Passive (The Best Defense) - Doomfist creates personal shields of short duration by causing ability damage.