Paladins New Champion - Lian’s Skills / Abilities

Lian is sexy, noble and most of all deadly! She is a descendant of the classy house Aico and kills anyone who stands in her way. With her rifle the lady distributes direct damage, which is immense. The riffle has been owned by Lian's family for generations and seems to be precious.

Lian's skills all revolve around her elegant rifle. It distributes direct damage, which at first sight doesn’t seem too impressive. However, if you look more closely, you can see that she is a damn fast witcher.

Lian fires her shots quickly one after the other and can even kill all the opponents standing in front of her with a single shot. Lian is strong at medium distance. Opponents should keep distance to this killer-lady.

Lian's Abilities

- Heirloom riffle: A gun that has been owned by the family for generations. Causes every 0.45s 400 damage on an average distance. Direct damage.

- Valor: Fire a charged shot that deals 400 damage to all enemies before you. Applies to weapon attack. Direct damage.

- Grace: Smooth out quickly in movement steps. Fire a shot that deals 400 damage to your opponent's next target. Applies to weapon attack.

- Presence: Charge your rifle for 0.5 seconds. Then fire a range shot that deals 800 damage. Applies to weapon attack.

- Enlightenment: Use the power of the noble blood and get immunity against damage and CC for 1s. Fire a powerful shot, penetrate the enemy and inflict 1600 damage to them. Ultimate.

Lian's Cards

Lian has three legendary cards, Eminence, Alacrity and Precision, that improve either her ultimate skill, her Mobility skill or their automatic attack. Legendary cards are particularly powerful adjustments in your deck building and define your strategy.

Legendary Cards

The Eminence card is automatically unlocked. The other two cards can be unlocked for 10,000 essence each.

If you want to master Lian, you have to practice good positioning. A special strength is that Lian can hit several enemies at the same time and spread damage. She's going to play like Cassie, maybe a bit more aggressive. If you want to use Lian's full damage, you must get close to your opponents. Shot combinations with grace will make up a large part of her playing style.

Lian comes with Patch OB 54 to Paladins and is already on the test server