Samsung New 4K LED TV to replace Cinema Projection Screen

If you like big screen TVs, without a doubt you'll be impressed by this Samsung’s new TV innovation. The South Korean company revealed its first commercial screen developed especially for movie theaters. The TV has its own JBL audio system and incredible 406 inches screen.

According to company, the large LED display has 4k resolution (4,096 x 2,160) and HDR in a ratio of 16: 9, having better image quality than those offered by projection systems in today's movie theaters. In addition, the company points out that its newest TV has ten times brighter than traditional projectors.

The Cinema LED Screen not only impresses with its inches, but also with its measures: we are talking about a screen with 10.3 meters in length, however, smaller than a standard screen that has 15.24 meters. The display also features 146fL bright peaks and sharper, more realistic colors.

Finally, the company also revealed that Cinema LED Screen received a certification from the renowned Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) and that it was the first product to achieve full compliance with the required technology standards. In addition, this certification performs advanced testing, recognizes and guarantees the display's ability to display movies without distorting the color spectrum.

Source: Samsung