Splatoon 2: All Sardinium Locations guide

Sardinium is a valuable item in Splatoon 2. With this you can improve your weapons or expand your tank to spray more paint at a time. Since the Sardinium items are well hidden in different zones of the game worlds, in our guide, we have added screenshots and descriptions that we felt made it easier for you.

Level - 1: Return of the Octarians

Take the armored enemy in front of you with a bomb, color the wall behind it with your ink and go past the jump field. In the box on the top of the platform, the Sardinium is hidden.

Level - 2: Welcome to Octopia

Before the jump field to the fourth checkpoint, you swim up the wall in squid form. There are three crates on the platform, one of which is hidden in the shining Sardinium for upgrading weapons.

Level - 3: Sunset Octocopter

If you pass by the four enemy-colored roles and have reached the third checkpoint, you only have to color the way, start as squid and jump up with the marked box.

Suction Cup Lookout

Place the kettle to the boss, just walk past the white block and turn right. There you see several wooden boxes of which the Sardinium is hidden.

Level 4 - Enter the Octohurler

Before you take the bridging opponents, go to the next level by jumping, you should take a look behind it. There you will find two boxes, one of which contains the Sardinium.

Level 5 - The Octopark

After checkpoint 6 you see two tracks. Use the left of it and destroy the crate in front of you while surfing. Once you have passed the resulting hole in the wall, you can jump to the third track to the left and open the crate.

Level 6 - Octozeppelin Invasion

Continue through the level, you eventually reach platform that move in opposite direction after activating the propellers. Carefully go to the opening from which the tentacle zeppelins appear, and get the Sardinium.

Level 7 - Back Alley Cleanup

At the fourth checkpoint, you land in front of a glass box with the crate to be found. Walk to the right and climb the tower. There you will find both the key to the next as well as a track, which allows you to surf to the Sardinium.

Level 8 - Spinning Campground

Use the horizontal belt and jump down from the platform reached. In the orange crate is the metal sardine stowed. Then you come back to the actual path by rolling the tapes again.

Level 9 - Octoling Strike

Fight your way through the octolings to the enemy base. Just before you find a pink colored bicycle on the right. At the spot behind this, a box with the Sardinium but you have to color the area find it.

Beaker’s Depot

Turn to the right from the jump field to the suction cup. Get to the platform with the scaffolding by means of a propeller platform and hook. On the back of the rack you can go up to a metal wall and hop on to the crate.

Level 10 - Octoseeker Shakedown

At the last checkpoint, the jumping field is guarded by another patrol. Go as fast as possible over the numerous sponges and destroy the crates at the back.

Level 11 - The Floating Garden

Ignore the skaters and follow the slope at the far end. In the small orange crate, you get a special weapon that can be used to kill all the Tentakook enemies. They each drop a key for the Sardinium and the jump field.

Level 12 - Octo-Resort Spring

After reaching Checkpoint 2, wait for the tin shower to move away from you, jump to the platform and color the wood wall to the right in your color. Float in it and destroys the crates for the coveted metal object.

Level 13 - Dancing Floors

Here there are four wooden blocks, which can be extended with a turntable. Color the necessary places to see the invincible collectibles and then reach the crate.

Level 14 - Parking Garage

At the last checkpoint you have a few octolings. If you defeated them, you can get both the key to complete the level as well as the Sardinium on the right behind the involuntarily and newly painted car.

Level 15 - Octoling Assault

Turn to the right in front of the opponent's base, and you see a packed box in which the Sardinium is stuck.

Slimeskin Garrison

The Sardinium can be found in a crate below the boiler to level 16. You can reach it through inkfurler and targeted jump. Then destroy the orange crate to get the collectible.

Level 16 - Secrete Bowling Alley

When you come to the bowling alley at the second checkpoint, guarded by a sniper, you can turn around after crossing to see the Sardinium. Drop as squid through the grill and get it.

Level 17 - Octocommander Fortress

Wait at the second checkpoint until the rotating block in front of you is vertically aligned and then jump from there to the wall to the left of the target platform. Up there you will find a box - the game you already know.

Level 18: Towering Heights

As soon as you jump to the platform after the last checkpoint, several opponents appear. Try to stay on the central, large sponge and dye it regularly. The platform moves and when you are at the right time on the sponge in maximum size, you get the Sardinium.

Level 19 - The Experimentorium

At the beginning of the level, you can choose between three jumping areas. In the left of this you find the Sardinium. Color the two switches in front of you and you can jump to the now visible crate.

Level 20 - Propellerland

Move to the color hydrant and turn around. Shoot (with any weapon) or use the screen of the hero in the direction of the propeller. If you are at the right point, you will create a fountain and you will be carried up to the Sardinium.

Level 21 - Octolings Ahoy!

On the rearmost side of the map on the highest point you encounter two octolines. If you defeat them, you can color the platform. From this position in the back left is an invisible chest with Sardinium.

Cephalon HQ

Stand on one of the green, glowing, rotating platforms. After a short time, you should come to this spot, which you can easily recognize on the lonely platform with Checkpoint. Below is an invisible path with the Sardinium in one of the crates.

Level 22 - Underground Expressway

At Checkpoint 7 you arrive at a large wooden block in the middle of a platform. A container with the Sardinium is clearly visible. You get the key from the skater in the pit around the block.

Level 23 - The Octogalaxy

You will find this track constellation after Checkpoint 7. At the point shown, jump first on one of the rails to the left or right and then back to the middle, which leads up to the Sardinium. Don't forget to jump off at the right moment!

Level 24 - Transfer Junction

Stop at the moving wall. Color it and jump at the right moment as squid. Once you have reached your destination, you should take your opponents and then turn around to find the Sardinium.

Level 25 - Platform Madhouse

Turn around after the sixth point is reached and look down. Before the up and down plates, you see the Sardinium on the right. Get it and then go to the jump field to your left to get back.

Level 26: Paradise Lanes

One of the most difficult levels reward you with an easy to find Sardinium. After the first checkpoint, you just jump through the grill and destroy the crates. Give to the patrolling tentacle carrier!

Level 27 - Octoling Workout

On the back left side of the map you will find this small, orange crate. Use the inkfurler underneath, float it up and jump to the platform. There you will find a box with the Sardinium.