The Division: Tips to Get You Ready for Update 1.7

The Division fans are wondering: What can I do to make a successful start in update 1.7? After all, you would like to be well-prepared for the upcoming expansion, get some advantages, and bridge the time meaningfully until the update 1.7 finally appears. There is no specific release date yet. The test phase for Update 1.7 has been running on the PC for a few days. So the release is not too far away.

The gear score is not increased in the update 1.7 but brings the classified armor parts. These have better stats than the previous items and thus represent the new "best" armor parts.

NinjaBike - Don't Disassemble The Messenger Bag

The first tip is: If you are just cleaning your camp to make room for 1.7, be careful not to disassemble the NinjaBike messenger bag.

This exotic was long considered the worst exotic ever, so it removed Massive from the loot pool to avoid frustration. With the update 1.7 it is reworked and returns as an extremely exciting item.

Now the NinjaBike messenger bag can function as an additional item for all equipped gear sets. For example, if you have two sets of the Striker Gear set and three pieces from the DeadEYE set, and you now place the NinjaBike messenger bag, the 3-Set bonus from the Striker Gear and the 4-Set bonus from DeadEYE will be active. Thus completely new combinations become possible.

Farm - Exotic Containers

A good preparation for 1.7 would be to support the NinjaBike messenger bag if you don’t have it yet. However, it has not been available since 1.6.1. One thing you can do: collect exotic containers. For when NinjaBike returns to the Loot Pool, you can open it to have a chance on the messenger bag.

You get exotic tanks by mastering missions on legendary difficulty and attacks on Heroic. A total of 7 exotic boxes per week are possible. But if you have multiple characters, you can collect more. In addition, week order also containers exotic items.

Farm - Weapons and Mods

You may already consider which builds you want to create in 1.7. A few of the new bonuses of the classified gear sets are already known. You cannot collect the classified armor parts yet, but you will need everything else for your build.

Important: Classified-Gear has higher main attributes than normal gear, as you see here (it ranges between 1274 and 1401):

This means that you receive significantly higher firearm, endurance and electronic values. Say, you will be able to unlock weapon talents more easily and can set other stats in mods.

In short, look for the weapons and mods you can use for your build. For example, if you want to create a return build, you can probably replace the shotgun mod with an electronic mod, since you don’t need the shotgun mod to unlock this weapon talent.

However, keep in mind that the main attributes on the Classified Gear can still be changed up to the release of 1.7.

Save Your Money

A tip that is appropriate before each new update release: save your currencies and crafting materials. It is possible that the dealers get a fresh inventory with exciting items, which you can buy directly. Up to 5000 Phönix credits are possible.

DeadEYE, Lone Star and Final Measure

The first global event classified gear will be introduced to the sets "DeadEYE", "Lone Star" and "Final Measure". In the first month, you can only optimize these three gear sets until three more sets are introduced with the next global event.

So you can now clean up your camp and sell or dismantle the armor pieces from these three sets. This is because the classified versions have guaranteed better values.