Things Need to Fix / Improve on PES 2018

PES 2018 has recently started beta test for Xbox One and PS4. The demo allows players to preview the game and send their feedback to Konami to improve the game. And we have listed several things that need to improve in the game.

Ball Control

The most serious problem is player control. Much of this problem occurs because of the gameplay, which slowed down in this release. The players carry the ball too much and take too long to perform the requested movements. The easiest way to notice this issue is to perform an exchange of passes on the opposing field. The delay in the execution time of a touch or kick is exaggerated and almost always entails the loss of possession of the ball. Therefore, PES 2018 needs to solve this problem, leaving the players more agile in their movements without changing the game speed.


Yes, they keep disappointing! It seems like a nightmare that Konami can never get rid of. And unfortunately, goalkeepers continue to be one of the biggest problems also in the beta version of PES 2018.

It's like you're in a circus. For they continue to perform acrobatic movements to defend very well placed kicks. At the same time they continue to act as clowns in weaker kicks or that could easily be defended.

Climatic Effects

The online beta version of PES 2018 has the option to change the weather effects of the game. Therefore, it is possible to play under sun or rain, which directly influences the gameplay of the game.

However, visually, the effects leave a lot to be desired. The more distracted will not be able to distinguish the game in a clear and clear time, when it gets cloudy and with rain. Since the same more like an interference on the TV than drops of water falling from the sky.

Artificial Intelligence for player positioning

The last issue is not something that significantly disrupts the game. But if our intention is to provide feedback so that these elements can improve on the final version of PES 2018, we need to also talk about the AI of the CPU controlled players.

In matches played cooperatively (3 players against the machine), we noticed some problems regarding artificial intelligence. Even at higher difficulty levels, we realize that virtual players still have problems of positioning and marking. In other words, no matter how much a defender risks a raise for the attack, he must return to his position if the play is interrupted. Which often does not happen, leaving him lost in the middle of the field until he resolves to return to his original position.

It is necessary that Konami adjust this type of positioning, since many goals were made (and "taken") by these holes in the marking.