What happens to my clan in Destiny 2?

A clan in Destiny 1 is a group of players who join together to play the content together in Destiny. On Bungie.net a group can be created and converted into a clan.

The clans are gaining in importance in Destiny 2. Community and Teamwork are important in the sequel, emphasized Bungie on the recent gameplay premiere. Therefore, the clans become an in-game feature, earning your clan bonuses and leading solo players in so-called guided games through endgame content.

The community manager DeeJ writes that many guardians would ask, "Bungie, will there be my clan in Destiny 2?"

The answer is "Yes!". However, your clan leader must be active to transfer the clan to the sequel.

From 25th July the clan leaders have to visit their clan page on Bungie.net and decide if they want to convert their group into a "Destiny 2" clan. The clan founders can then decide whether they want to transfer their titles and their entitlements to another member, which may be better suited for the upcoming adventures in Destiny 2.

You have a month time to make all the arrangements for Destiny 2. Then the new clan creation function will go live on Bungie.net to support Destiny 2. More information will follow in the future.

Your clans, which you transform into a "Destiny 2" clan, will maintain their basic structure. The maximum is 100 players per clan. Every "Destiny 2" account on a platform can only join one clan.

The two new important additions to the clans are: You can act as guides in a clan to help solo players through Endgame missions like the raids, nightfall and through the trials, and you can earn your clan bonuses. Each member of a clan receives rewards based on the success of the entire clan.

In addition, you can manage the clan overview directly in the game and send invitations to new members. So you don’t have to go to an external website.

However, there is also a victim in this new clan system: If your clan was part of a larger clan alliance, this is unfortunately broken. But you are thinking about new ways to connect communities on a large scale.