Destiny 2: Bungie releases new multiplayer trailer

Bungie has released a new trailer for Destiny 2: the competitive multiplayer trailer.

The new multiplayer trailer starts with the words that you should enter the melting pot to fight to destroy to conquer. You see new armor parts and weapons in action. Interestingly, the logos of the factions are depicted on the guards' guard gear. This will also be in the game.

You can observe all kinds of weapons such as swords, the Dubious Volley or the exotic cold heart in the PvP combat. Go to the Cold Heart by pre-ordering Destiny 2.

In addition, all three guardian classes are presented with their characteristics:

- Hunters are agile, adaptable and rely on their instinct. They make the way clear for the others.

- Titans are responsible for the defense. Integrity and discipline.

- Warlocks have healing abilities and rely on strategy and arcane.

In the trailer, Bungie shows a lot of new gameplay scenes - even the super attacks are seen from several perspectives.