Fortnite: Alternatives to Weapons Repair

In Fortnite, the repair of weapons is not possible but there are alternatives to get your favorite or legendary weapon back.

The game has a deep crafting system that allows you to craft ammunition, weapons and traps. In the weapons creation there are some statistics such as damage, magazine size or durability. Your weapons will explode and break when the shelf life has expired. You can fix everything in the game up to the weapons! If your weapon breaks, it is actually gone.

Durability - Weapon Degradation

In the bar at the bottom right of your character, you can see your equipped weapons. It is important that you keep the Durability track well in mind. This is the bar that appears to your right of your weapons.

Recycle Weapons Before Their Durability Drops

When the Weapon’s Durability Bar drops to 0, the weapon is broken and gone forever. Because weapons cannot be repaired in Fortnite. But if it is a legendary weapon or your favorite rifle, this is really annoying.

However, in Fortnite you can rebuild your lost weapons again.

It is best to dismantle your weapons, which are about to break, and recycle them simply.

However, there is a catch in this method.

Weapon Schematics: If you want to craft weapons, you need a blueprint

If you dismantle a weapon, you get the material to build the weapon, but you don’t get a blueprint. The Weapon Schematics are mandatory if you want to make a weapon.

How to Get the Weapon Blueprints in Fortnite

- Blueprints are available in Loot llamas. Here we have a guide for you how to get to llamas without spending money.

- Blueprints exist for completing some quests

- Blueprints can be found in crates

- Blueprints can receive upgrades. Fortnite is as good as everything can be, as is the case with Blueprints. If you raise the plans, the statistics of the weapon are improved. However, it is recommended to do so only with rare blueprints, in order not to waste any plan XP.

The best tip is probably: Start crafting a weapon only if you have a blueprint and can craft as desired. Weapons whose blueprint you don’t have are only life section weapons!

Why Can’t You Repair Weapons in Fortnite?

It can be quite annoying if you favorite weapon in Fortnite is doomed and you have not yet found a blueprint for it. However, there could be a good reason why there is no option to repair weapons. If players need to keep the blueprints to craft legendary and powerful weapons, they cannot simply pass the blueprints on to beginners. If the low-level player gets the weapon directly, it will break anyway. If you want to have powerful weapons, you have to play Fortnite yourself and improve your inventory.