New Skins - Overwatch Summer Games 2017

In Overwatch, the Summer Games are active with a lot of new features for the second time. This time the outfits are not only sporty but they have a clear summer touch. The players asked for it for a long time and Widowmaker finally got her bikini skin.

Overall, there are 7 new skins for the various Overwatch heroes. You can get them as usual from the Loot boxes or purchase for 3,000 Credits each. Please keep in mind that these new loot boxes are only for the Summer Games and the purchase of the skins are also blocked afterwards.

The previous year skins can be purchased for the standard price

For the three weeks of the event, the Summer Games loot boxes are also available for purchase in Overwatch's Ingame store. If you don’t have enough time to play, you might want to think about a purchase or buy the skins with credits

Loot boxes in Overwatch now have a much lower chance that duplicates are contained. Instead of 2-4 duplicates per box should now be much rare double items in the crates.

Below we show you all new skins from the Summer games 2017.

Junkrat: Cricket Skin and McCree: Lifeguard Skin

Mercy: Winged Victory Skin and Reaper: Biker Skin

Soldier 76: Grillmaster 76 skins and Sombra: Tulum Skin

French Riviera-Skins