PUBG Month 4 Update brings gameplay changes and new items

The month four update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will bring you new items, gameplay changes and optimizations of the game. An exact release date for the update has not yet been revealed. The developers said that the 1st-person view on the test servers must be tried before the update goes live.

In the upcoming update, some changes are built into the game. A feature that many PUBG fans missed was obviously a horn in cars. This will be available in the latest update. If you prefer to kill with the weapon, then there is more good news. The Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle finds its way into the game.

PUBG Month 4 Update brings the following new features, improvements and bug fixes:

New Weapon: - MK14 EBR. This battle rifle you get through the crates that are dropped from the plane above the map. The MK14 EBR uses 7.62mm ammunition and is suitable for medium and long distances.

Car Horn: Many PUBG players have long been waiting for this feature. The new update brings the sound warning into play. The default button for horn is the left mouse button and can use by the driver.

Character Adaptation: New faces and hairstyles are available for both sexes in the character selection.

First Person Only Mode: This option for the 1st person servers is available for NA and EU servers in solo and duo game modes. This should give you a more realistic experience with the shooter. (Players who choose the 1st person will get together with other players on servers that have also selected this option).

Sound Improvement: This improvement will make it clear whether the source is in a house or outside.

Xbox Controller: Good news for players who like to play with the Xbox controller. The Xbox controllers are now supported by the game and the control is to be further improved in the future.

Kill Steal: Some players killed their teammates after an opponent pushed them into knock-out status. The teammates killed the players, so that the opponents got no points. This does not work any longer: Some people died knocked-out teammates in order to avoid giving. Now the kill count wants to go to the opponent in this specific case.

The complete Month 4 Update patch notes including bug fixes can be found on the Steam website