The Long Dark: Survival and Hunting Strategies / Tactics

In The Long Dark, hunting is essential as you need food to survive. In order for the hunting to succeed, you should know the most important about deer, rabbits, wolves and bears. Not all animals will bring you the same amount of food, and not all will be treated equally in hunting. In the beginning of the game you’ll have the bow for hunting as your ability to deal with the shotgun must first be properly upgraded.

If you urgently need food, it is easiest to hunt a wolf that has just captured another animal. Keep an eye out for the area, and once you spot a single wolf for hunting, let it be done first. If he has killed his prey, you will sneak up and take a head shot.

It is important to pay attention to the environment. A wolf, who is busy with his prey, will not notice you fast. This is your chance. If you have killed the prey animal, you can collect not only his flesh, but also the flesh of his prey, and this is the best thing about this procedure.

The animals have a better sense of smell and you should be able to recognize this in time. This is very important for hunting because it will make the process much easier for you if the animals cannot sniff at you.

Wolves are to be considered especially as, they will sense you much earlier. So if you are explicitly hunting, then you should not have such items. In general, if you want to hunt, make sure your inventory is as empty as possible.

If you don’t have the ability to put the entire captured animal, just grab the meat without removing anything. Your kill can stay on the spot for up to three days, so you can return to finally evade it. You should consider this when eviscerating:

- Hunting is not done until you completely take the meat but this can take a long time and it is not good as wolves and other scavengers can detect you easily.

- It is best to build a fire next to the corpse. It provides heat, frightens the wolves and also you can prepare the meat.

- If you don’t have much time, then you should not try to get the meat all at once, but first only taken large meat bags. They are difficult, but with a bit of luck, you are near your house and can transport the loot quickly.

- The downside of meat bags is that they expire quickly. So you should not leave too much time to get them.

Deer hunting can be very difficult, but you should specialize in the long run. These animals give you a lot of meat and also leather that you will need to make clothes.

- Dealing with the bow is not so difficult and is suitable for hunting very well. Pack a few arrows, because you should not always dedicate yourself to collecting arrows. In most cases it is better to hunt the animal first and then collect the arrows again.

- Deer (but also wolves and rabbits) always spawn in one place and feel there so to speak well. They will always stay in this area and return there if they are driven away in hunting.

- Well-targeted heads are deadly and that should be your goal. Either you are looking for a good place outside of the weather and yet close enough to meet the head of the deer or you sneak up slowly, stand up and shoot. In any case, the animal should not be in motion.

- If the deer run away because you missed it or the shot was not deadly, then keep calm. Grab the arrow and wait a moment. It may be that the animal returns to its spawning point.

- But there is a blood trail that you can follow. Some complain that this disappears too quickly. If this is the case, return to the spawn point of the deer. It is more likely that you will find him there than you have the strength to look for him forever.

- It is also the possibility that you’ll find the dead animal body the next day at the spawn point or nearby. Pay attention to crows who show you a carcass.

If you have scrap metal and dried gut, then go to the workbench and make an equipment there. This is especially true when you have already discovered a small hut where you can fish. If you want to fish a few fish, you only need an ax or cut a hole in the ice.

Don’t try to shoot rabbits and use traps. They will not provide you much food. If you see a hare, don’t try to lure it into your trap. This will unfortunately not work. The only thing you can do here is to throw a stone at his head. With a bit of luck, you can numb the killing.

Bears should be least noticed during hunting. At least until your abilities have grown. They supply a lot of meat, but they are difficult to get. However, if they are in the vicinity of your base, you can try (perhaps not at the beginning of the game). With bow and arrow you will be able to do only a little - but rather grab a gun.

Fish, meat and water can be eaten raw, but this mainly leads to food poisoning. So what you should always do is to boil the food.

Besides hunting there are many other ways to satisfy your hunger. Example, there are preserves, which must first be opened. This is also possible with an ax, if you don’t have a can opener at hand.

If you plan longer routes, you should pay attention to the ratio of nutritional value to weight. The higher the calorie rate of a food you take, the longer you can survive.