Absolver: Calbot / The Slap move tips

Absolver is an online fighting video game where you will learn martial arts moves on your journey, combine them skillfully and use them with minor change against your enemies.

The Calbot or the Slap move is an attack movement, a simple and direct hit in the face - an ear, which is currently in high demand.

In a game in which technology and style and the mastery of the high martial arts are at the forefront, an eye-catcher definitely stands out. The players don’t only want to learn this, because this is so "special", but also because a trophy is attached to the Calbot.

In order to learn the Calbot, you must either find someone who already has the ability, or you meet a random NPC in the Open World, whose main attack is the Slap, as in this video:

In Absolver, learn your moves by fighting against other fighters who master these moves. However, many players agree that it is worth to master the Calbot.

You can also go to the combat schools of other players to learn the Calbot. If you are looking for NPCs who are slapping, this video can help you: