Absolver: Cargal, Kilnor, Kuretz and Marked Boss Locations

In Absolver, you combat against NPCs and real players who usually come in groups. If you defeat them, you will receive weapons, abilities and other rewards that will make your adventure even easier. But before you attack them, you have to find them first. This can be a real problem in the open world.

The Marked Ones or even the bosses are those enemies who have a name over their life and endurance. You will never meet them alone. However, the advantage with them is that you can compete with other fighters in the online coop. This is different with the bosses. You must stand alone.

In addition, you should pay close attention to their attacks. For example, from a certain time when you have pulled half of your health you change your strategy and attack even harder and more often with weapons. The YouTube video shows you all the locations for Marked Ones and Bosses from Absolver.

If you don’t want to watch the video and if you want to find the strong NPCs without any help then below we give you hints.

- Revario: Once you arrive at the place where you find your first altar, the map, and a friendly NPC look first at the map. Turn right and go up the stairs. Go left and then down the hunting trail. At the first right crotch you turn right (and not left under the tree trunk). Continue to the right and finally go to the left after the altar.

- Angrel: Now go back from this clearing. Behind you, you find ruins that you should enter. Run through the cave to the marsh area called the Forgotten Temple. Keep walking past the steps until you get to the next altar. Go straight through the building and fight.

- Ama Saba: This time, we will start at the outpost of the Bird Caller. Look for a round hole on the ground, which leads far down and has only narrow boards on it. Close by you find Ama Saba in a broken house.

- Lamren: Go to the central dock. Now walk to the end of the dock along the water so that it is to your left. Turn right into a path that is covered by a broken roof.

- Ristael: Run to the Coliseum of Raslan, where you see the cloud for a boss fight. Go past the battlefield and go up the stairs. Walk up the stairs to the right and don’t enter the building.

- Dormek: Go to the altar of the tower of Adal and then go left into the building. Walk past the wall to the right, under the stairs and jump down.

- Bosse Cargal and Kilnor: Remember the place where you defeated the third. Don’t go into the building, but turn right and walk along the narrow path behind the houses. You will hear the birds from afar.

- Boss Kuretz: The second and last boss is located near the fifth story - in the Coliseum of Raslan. Just look for the huge square.