Destiny 2: Bright Engrams and Dust Farming Guide

Bright Engrams are loot boxes in Destiny 2, which, unlike other loot boxes, contain cosmetic items such as sparrows, shaders, badges, ghosts, ships, etc. You won’t be bale to purchase these items directly, but you have to hope that your desired items are contained in the engram. If you move with the cursor over an engram (press the triangle or Y key) you can preview the possible items that are included. In addition, you can get Bright dust from them, which represent another in-game currency in Destiny 2.

Bright dust will be displayed next to the Legendary items in your character window at the top right. You can also buy specific items with Bright Dust. Since it will happen with certainty that you get items twice from Bright engrams, you can then dismantle them and get more Bright dust.

Get Bright Engrams and Bright Dust without spending real money

Apart from silver, there are other possibilities to get Bright engrams or Bright Dust.

- As soon as you reach the maximum character level 20, you cannot climb up, but the level ascents are still counted and you get a new Bright engram at each level-up.

- Likewise, you will receive a Bright engram each time you rise to a faction in the Reputation level.

At present, these are the only known methods of how to get to the engrams without the use of silver.

The prices of the Destiny 2 silver as follows:

- 500 Silver costs $4.99
- 1000 Silver costs $9.99
- 2000 Silver costs $19.99
- 5000 Silver costs $49.99

You can also buy Bright Engram in Destiny 2

- 1 Bright Engram costs 200 Silver
- 3 Bright Engrams cost 500 Silver
- 5 Bright Engrams cost 800 Silver