Destiny 2 Cabal Supply Caches, Cayde-6 EDZ Treasure Locations

In Destiny 2, Cayde 6 is the Hunter Vanguard. After completion of the campaign, you can visit him in the social space. He sells several treasure maps. The launch week of Destiny 2 is about EDZ treasure maps - the treasures are hidden in the European Dead Zone.

In these treasures you’ll find valuables from legendary items to exotic engrams! Sometimes there are also journal entries that you can give to Cayde-6.

If you bought the treasure maps, the locations on the map are displayed with a spade symbol:

Destiny 2, Cabal Supply Caches, Cayde 6 EDZ, Treasure Locations Map

Here you can only see the approximate location. On site, you have to look for yourself. In the launch week of Destiny 2 there are three treasures in the east of Trostland, a treasure is in the Gulch  and a treasure is in the Sludge.

Cabal Supply Cache Locations

If you are just passing through the Open Worlds, you will be faced with the challenge of collecting your Supply Caches on some days. On the different worlds, there are different Supply Caches from the cabals, vex, fallen and hive. These Caches are scattered around the world. But how do you find them efficiently?

Cayde-6 is again useful for these supply Caches. He sells you scout reports for 1250 glimmer. Select a scout report for the appropriate world where your supply Caches need to search, and then use the report in the inventory. Now you will be able to see nearby Supply Cache for four hours - for you and your squad.

Take the sparrow and dripping through the worlds. If you pass a Cache, it will be displayed with this chest icon: