Destiny 2: Complete the Secret Sentry 4 Required on the Farm

Destiny 2 is available now on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and brings you lots of new secrets. For example, you may have noticed the fireplace on The Farm, when you reach it the word "Requires Sentry 4" pops up. What's it?

To solve this puzzle, you have to proceed as follows:

- First, you have to get to the roof of the house with the waterwheel. It is the Tyra Karn’s house. Over the small tent roof to the left of the house you can jump to the roof.

- Now run on the waterwheel until the Sentry Rank x2 pops up.

- Now go back to the roof and you get the message Wheel Boost.

- Now you continue on the power cables to the roof of the other building and then also over the power cables to the big barn where Lord Shaxx is located.

- Here you will get the messages "Sentry Ranks x4" and "Vertigo Completed".

Tips to get the Secret Scouting Patrol Easter Egg

The Scouting Patrol is a checkpoint race in which you have to pass beams of light within a limited time. No timer is shown, but you have to start the race at the camp fire from the beginning, if you are too slow. For this to happen, you get a Buff for the time of the race. You can run faster and jump higher. In addition, your guardian shines red.

You will also need the ability to jump, because the beams of light are sometimes on the ground, sometimes on buildings and you have to run them as fast as possible. Once you have made it, you land again at the fireplace and your target time will be shown at the bottom left. As long as you are still on the farm, you can continue to benefit from the buff and jump higher

You can repeat the race as many times as you want and only when you leave the farm the buff disappear. It is not clear at present whether the secret of the farm is just a game, or whether it will gain importance later on.