Destiny 2: Find Xur and Buy Exotics with Legendary Shards

Xur, the trader returns in Destiny 2. He always appeared at weekends, sold high quality, exotic items in the previous game. For this, players had to exchange him with strange coins. But In Destiny 2, Xur accepts only the Legendary Shards.

You will find this currency everywhere in the game. The Legendary Shards required for Xur are obviously from powerful items. You need this Legendary Shards to upgrade equipment or you can exchange them for other items.

The Legendary Shards can be found throughout Destiny 2. But there are certain locations that you should definitely search. Xur will follow Destiny 2 at the same pace as the previous game and will appear every Friday. Whether it remains again until Sunday, is currently still unclear - but is to be presumed. However, this time Xur doesn’t seem to have a firm position anymore. If the dealer in Destiny found in the tower or in the reef, this time Xur apparently changes the location. Concrete locations are not yet known. Xur first appeared in Destiny 2 on September 15.

Find Legendary Shards - Locations of the Currency

- Nightfall Strikes

- Distributed in the game world

- In dismantling a legendary (2 Shards) or exotic items (10 Shards)

Legendary Shards in Flashpoints (public event missions) 

According to current reports, the Legendary Shards needed for Xur can also be collected in the Flashpoints where players have to travel to a special planet and do different tasks there. If all missions are completed successfully, you’ll get the valuable item - similar to the nightfall strikes (increased chance for exotic equipment). On the journey through the Flashpoints you should keep your eyes open for the Legendary Shards.

Xur- Legendary Shards in the Lost Sectors

In Destiny 2, you can also explore the lost sectors, hidden areas that you can only find when you walk through the game world. In the secret sectors, you defeat countless enemies, in the end waiting a mini-boss. If you succeed that, you can open a loot box with different rewards. So it's worth looking out for the lost sectors. Supposedly the Legendary Shards for Xur in Destiny 2 should also be there.

Legendary Shards in Raids

The Legendary Shards are also to be found in the Raids. This can be checked only from the 13th of September as the first Destiny 2 Raid will start on that day. Then look for the hidden chests in the raids: Also in it is supposedly the coveted currency for Xur.