Destiny 2: Get the Giant Ball, Easter Egg in the Tower

In Destiny 2, there is a hidden Easter Egg / Traveler Ball in the tower. To get this you first have to find the pink ball. It appears first on the tower and you have to hit it with precise shots in a certain target area. Once you have done that, fireworks will confirm your success and the next colored ball will appear. Follow the steps given bellow to get the Easter Egg.

- First, the pink ball appears when you spawn in the tower. If it is not there, maybe another player has got it or the event has not yet been reset. In such a case you have to go back to the orbit and return to the tower.

- Once you find the pink ball, hit to the circular area, which is just above Lord Shaxx. Then the pink ball falls and small fireworks will confirm your success.

- Now the green ball appears at the place where the pink ball was also lying. You have to kick the little stairs between Tess Everis and Zavala.

- Next you will see the black ball, which you have to shoot at the gallery above you. Shoot this over the end of the projection with the big red flag

- Finally, the blue ball appears. You must shot in the middle of the small connecting bridge between Zavala and Lord Shaxx.

If you hit all four balls and you have seen firework display as confirmation, a huge firework starts in the sky above the tower and the message "A giant ball!" appears.