Destiny 2: Get Orpheu Rigg, Location guide - tips

In Destiny 2, the Orpheus-Rigg is leg armor for the hunter, which is designated by many players as the best Hunter Exotic. The reason is that this gives the Nightwalker hunter to almost infinite super-attack.

How to get an Orpheus-Rigg? Location guide

There is no guarantee that you’ll get an Orpheus Rigg as loot. You need to have a little bit of luck or you can buy it from Xur, if he sells it.

You have a chance to get the Orpheus Rigg from all sources. Farm exotic engrams, complete weekly milestones, earn from faction bonuses. As a fast "farm method" the public events apply - but you need, as I said, little bit of luck.

What makes Orpheus-Rigg so powerful?

To benefit from Orpheus Rigg, you need the Nightstalker Hunter. This is the "void focus" that you have to unlock.

Orpheus Rigg only enhances the Super Ability of the Night Stalker. These are the Perks: Intrinsic Perk - you gain Ability Energy for every enemy you chain with a shadow shot and you also have perks that can be used to increase mobility or resilience.

The shadow shot is the Super ability of the Nightstalker. The more enemies you chain with, the more skills energy is being charged. The abilities are the grenades, the melee, the dodge ability and the super.

If you can create enough enemies, you can fire a shadow shot again. 7 to 8 chained enemies are necessary, so that the super bar is completely filled, as you can see in the following video:

If you're surrounded by enemies, you'll be able to make a super-raid after the other.

That means: Orpheus-Rigg is recommended especially in PvE, if numerous adds attack. In all other situations this exotic shines less.

With the Orpheus Rigg, the hunter becomes a useful team member because he is extremely well in the Crowd Control and can also create hordes of spheres of light for allies. So the allies also quickly reach their super.

Especially in Raid, this Exotic might be the best choice if you are dealing with group of enemies.