Destiny 2: Get Sturm and Drang - Weapons Guide

Sturm and Drang are two weapons in Destiny 2, when you use them individually they may not be very compelling, but together they are a perfect team.

- Sturm: This hand cannon will charge energies when doing kills.

- Drang: If you kill with this sidearm, you automatically fill the magazine of the Sturm.

So if you posses these two firearms, you will not have to reload them theoretically. This works quite simply. Change between the two guns and just kill enemies. With each change you have then a loaded Sturm or Drang in the hand.

Step-by-step guide to get the Sturm and Drang weapons in Destiny 2

If you want to acquire Sturm and Drang weapons, then you must first complete the Destiny 2 campaign. In this way, you can unlock the world quests. The world quest, with Sturm and Drang, takes place on Nessus.

On Nessus, you go to Failsafe and it’s located in Exodus Black, you have to complete two quests: O Captain and My Captain.

Once you have completed the two quests, you will get Drang. Take this to Master Rahool at the tower. Before he can decipher the leaves, you have to do a few tasks:

- Decrypt 5 legendary engrams
- Decrypt an exotic engram
- Kill 10 Fallen enemies on Nessus with Drang

After completed the tasks go back to Master Rahool and he will send you to Tyra Karn. Now you have to do other tasks to get a Sturm:

- Earn ten multi-kills without reloading with Drang (three per magazine count as one)
- Earn ten Fallen Majors with Drang

Now, go back to Tyra and she will give you the order to complete a strike. If you've killed Servitor Kendricks-7 in the Strike, you don’t even have to finish it. You can break off and make your way to Master Rahool to get a Sturm Weapon.