Destiny 2: Hunter Class Strategy Guide

Hunter is one of the three classes that you can pick at the beginning of Destiny 2. Critical hits and precision shots with high damage are a part of their repertoire. Because of their relatively light armor, hunters are more vulnerable to damage, but also extremely agile and they share above all in close combat.

- Dodge: Use this ability to escape from enemy attacks and charge your weapon automatically.

- Cloaks. The class-specific garment boosts your character. And also makes him look more heroic.

- Movement Skills: The High Jump - this mode allows you to jump higher, the strafe jump can be direction oriented. The triple jump gives you an additional movement level with which you can navigate.

Unlock Hunter’s Subclasses

If you have selected Hunter as your class at the beginning of the game then in the course of the game, you’ll be able to unlock three subclasses that determine what focus you want to enter with your hunter. The first focus Arcstrider is available to you after the completion of the main mission. To unlock the other two sub-classes, you must find certain relics. These relics are sometimes still randomly controlled in the world and level-oriented. The focusses are assigned to the elements arc, solar, and void and each have a super attack that makes your enemies shake. You will also receive focus-specific shells.

1. Focus Arkus Acrobat (Arc)

The focus strengthens your acrobatic abilities and lets you attack as hard as you can. Your super-attack is the Arcade Staff, with which you gallantly spin through the enemies and kill them.

Hunter’s Grenade Skills

- Flux Grenade: If you target and throw the grenades to an enemy, reap the additional damage.

- Arcbolt Grenade: This grenade throws lightning bolts at nearby enemies and slows them down to ease the attack.

- Skip Jump Grenade: Save time and damage multiple enemies. The grenades split on impact and chase several target-seeking projectiles across the battlefield.

Then you have the choice, which way you want to teach your acrobats. It is not possible for you to mix the abilities. If you choose a way, it remains with this.

Hunter’s Arcstrider

Way of the Warrior

- Shocking Blow: Eliminate health regeneration and instantly increased melee damage by eliminating an enemy

- Combat Flow: Your melee skills will automatically recharge your dodge skills

- Deadly Reach: Dodge supports your melee range and your range

- Lethal Current: A combo of Dodge and Arc attack generates a damage-intensive lightning strike

Way of the Wind

- Disorienting Blow: Solves disorientation with your enemies with this attack.

- Focused Breathing: Increases your sprint pace and boosts dodge by sprints.

- Battle Meditation: If you are severely wounded, the loading time of melee and grenade abilities will be reduced.

- Lighting Reflexes: It is harder for your enemies to eliminate you in the Evade.

Gunslinger (Solar)

Players of the predecessor know this class extensively. From Level 7-10 onwards, you can find the appropriate relics and you can focus on this. The Golden Gun is one of the super-attacks of the hero.

Gunslinger’s grenade skills:

- Incendiary Grenades: The hit enemy goes up in flames and suffers damage.

- Swarm Grenades: Target-seeking drones are released after the explosive impact of the grenades

- Trip Mine Grenade: Build triggering traps, surfaces cling and exploding as soon as an enemy touches the sensor.

As a gunslinger, there are also two focus-ways, between which you must decide.

Way of the Outlaw

- Chains of woe: Precision shots increase the reload speed for the gunslinger and surrounding allies.

- Explosive knife: Throws an exploding knife and directs damage.

- Six shooter: Give six quick shots with the Golden Gun. However, the range decreases.

- Deadshot: Increases your hit chance with the Golden Gun

Way of the Wind

- Knife juggler: A precise precision kill with the throwing knife recharges your close combat capabilities.

- Crowd pleaser: Achieves precision damage with the Golden Gun and creates spheres of light with successful hits.

- Practice makes perfect: Precision hits reduce the cooldown of super-ability.

- Line 'em up: Precision hits with the Golden Gun can increase your damage. In addition, the operating time of the cannon is extended.

Hunter’s Nightstalker (Void)

From Level 15 onwards, the relics will drop, which will give you the focus on the Nightwalker. As a super, you have the shadowshot, a dash of arrows that will chain, stun and stun your opponents.

The grenades are already known from Destiny 1:

This grenade Scatters into many and cover a

- Scatter Grenade: This grenade Scatters into many and damage to a large area.

- Void Wall Grenade: Damages the opponents that run into the burning void light.

- Vortex Grenade: Enemies are caught in a developing vortex and get damage while they are inside.

The possible paths of the nightstalker are of great importance for the use of smoke bombs.

Hunter Nightstalker Way of the Trapper

- Snare Bomb: Throw this smoke bomb to slow down enemies that trigger them and get them to take their bearings.

- Keen Scout: Speed up and sprint faster. In addition, you can now select enemies and track them more easily.

- Deadfall: The Void Anchor fired through the shadow shot will fall and harm unsuspecting enemies.

- Vanishing Step: When you duck, you disappear for a moment from the field of view of enemies.

Way of the Pathfinder:

- Vanish in Smoke: Throws a smoke bomb and uses the Smoke Cloud to make you invisible to surrounding enemies.

- Lockdown: The effects of grenades and smoke last twice as long and increase the damage chance.

- Heart of the Pack: Kill demobilized enemies, create light particles and increase mobility, resilience and recovery for you and your close allies.

- Moebius Quiver: Drop some rapid shots with Shadow Shot, deal massive damage, and stun your enemies.

No matter what way you choose, your hunter becomes an agile, keeper-controlled guardian, who can do little but can do better. The speed makes him a heavy target on the battlefield and a dangerous opponent.