Destiny 2: Legend of Acrius Unlock and Upgrade Guide

In Destiny 2, Legend of Acrius is a shotgun with long range. You can unlock this exotic weapon after completing the Leviathan Raid.

Legend of Acrius offers you the following:

Shock blast: Fires a heavy charge of Ark energy at an enemy. The Arc energy passes through him and hurts other opponents who are behind him.

If this is not enough, you can also upgrade the legend of Acrius.

You can also get the following perks:

Magazine Duplication: You now have two shots in the magazine before you need to reload.

Full Bore: The range is increased, but the handling and stability are reduced.

Destiny 2; Legend of Acrius; Unlock; Upgrade Guide;
Accurized Rounds: The range is increased.

Long March: If the Legend of Acrius is equipped, you can track enemies by radar at a distance.

Fitted Stock: Although the speed of the handling suffers, the weapon is stabilized.

The basic requirement to get the Legend of Acrius is the acceptance of the quest At the Comms. As soon as you reach level 20 you will get this randomly. In the course of the quest, the name changes to Destroyers of Worlds. As mentioned above, your way to this exotic weapon is via the Leviathan Raid. After the successful completion of the raid, you have to proceed as follows:

- Go to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. The cleaning robot triggers the next step.

- We continue to a tricky Strike at the base Hades of the cabale. You have to complete the Arms Dealer Strike under time pressure and in the beginning it is seven minutes. Here, you can get or add more time by destroying bright blue cubes.

- Once you have done it, go back to Benedict 99-40 to get the legend of Acrius.

Upgrade the Legend of Acrius

To upgrade the Legend of Acrius or to unlock more perks for the exotic weapon you have to complete two quests. One of them sends you a cabal hunt.

- Go back to Benedict 99-40 and get the Cabal Killer quest.

- For this, you have to get the following achivements: Kill 25 cabels with the legend of Acrius, 15 at a short range and another 10 cabels, without ever reloading.

- The last step is bit difficult. Through the perk of the shotgun, you can wait until two cabels stand behind each other and then do them. It does not have to be 10 in a row. Two cabels are enough to increase the counter.

After completion of this quest, you will be given another quest His Highness’s Seal. Here, you have to collect 100 emperor seals in the Leviathan Raid. Players report that it is also possible to do the raids themselves in raid.

- Either way you have to go through the Leviathan Raid a total of 2 ½ to get the appropriate number.

- Return to Benedict 99-40 and finally enjoy all the Perks of the legend of Acrius.

You can further upgrade the Legend of Acrius. For this, you must complete the Leviathan Raid on Prestige mode as soon as possible. Then the maximum power of the exotic shotgun will be unlocked.