Destiny 2: Max Power Level Strategy Guide

The Strategy Guide to Destiny 2 has been leaked. In the beginning it was only a few details, now it is completely available on the net. We know the gameplay features that Bungie has kept secret.

Spoiler alert: There are gameplay relevant information about the scope and structure of Destiny 2. There are no story spoilers.

Destiny 2: Max Level and what happens during the level-up?

- The Max-Level in Destiny 2 is 20
- For a level-up, you get a skill point
- This is normal character development: You get experience points when you defeat opponents or complete activities. The leveling is probably still on the way to the final game, while the story missions done.

The actual leveling - What about the light level? How do I increase power?

- The actual leveling takes place as in Destiny 1 over the equipment instead of light level, in Destiny 2 it is the power level
- The maximum power level is 300 - but an important plateau is 260. 260 seems to be the transition to the final game.
- Bungie remains at the beginning with the present, friendly system with Destiny 2: some new items, few points better than what one possesses. So you get up slowly but surely in the power level - with every item you get. However, this only applies to power level 260.
- In order to get stronger from 260 onwards, players must complete "milestones". These are weekly activities.
- It is not known whether there is better gear in Raid.

How many activities are there in Destiny 2? How big is that in PvE?

- The campaign consists of 16 missions
- There are 29 adventures - these are side quests
- There are 4 world quests - these are the great quest series
- There are also other activities like public events, patrols, treasure hunts or Lost-Sectors. - But nothing is known about their number.
- And there are 5 Strikes (1 Bonus Strike for the PlayStation 4)

What are the milestones?

The weekly milestones are:

- The call-to-arms in the Melting Pot - these are PvP missions
- Flashpoints - as a zone becomes the focal point and you have to conclude public events there
- Nightfall – this is the Nightfall strike as before, so a hard version of a known Strike

What else is there to know?

- According to the Strategy-Guide, you should deal as carefully as possible with the brands for the dealers and cover with Power-Level 300. Because until then you get only items on your own level, so you will over leveling. One should only buy with his token, if one has 300.
- In general, the milestones are crucial for rapid progress. This is, according to the strategy guide, the only source for progress from 260 onwards.
- There is nothing in the Strategy Guide about "infusion".
- Banshee-44 will probably come back
- Melt pot matches guarantee future an item as a reward - power level is deactivated by default.