Destiny 2 Patch Notes, Hotfix, Update 1.03 Guide

The update 1.03 called Hotfix brought some fixes and improvements to Destiny 2. They are as follows:

- Now, you can see the clan roster, the list of all clan members is now displayed in the game

- The error was fixed where some guardians did not get the MIDA mini tool when they had a full weapon inventory. The missing weapon can now be picked up at Devrim Kay in the European Dead Zone (EDZ).

- A rare issue, which could lead to crashes, was fixed.

There are other improvements

- The hate symbol on gloves has now been removed from the shared game world. Now, it is not appearing when you are running around in the game. However, it is still appeared at the inspection or item icon. A hotfix is scheduled for next week to permanently remove this.

- Players encountered an error where they did not get a prestige Nightfall aura. If you have already completed the Prestige Nightfall, you can earn the Aura again after the Weekly reset.

- In addition, the guide game beta is live now. However, not all solo guardians can take part in this. You need a guide game beta ticket.

- Conversely, all clans are entitled to act as guides for guide games.

- This beta is scheduled to last until September 26. After this, the guide games are available for all Raid and Nightfall Strikes players.

- To start a guide game, select the orange symbol to the right of the Nightfall Strike. A power level of 240 is required. Click on it. Now you can choose the mode, whether you are a searcher (single player) or a guide (clan). As a guide the waiting queue is currently one minute, as a single player about 4 minutes (changes over time).