Destiny 2: Upgrade Weapons and Armor with Infusion - Guide

In Destiny 2, you can use Infusion system to upgrade your weapons and armor / gear with a low power level quickly - by dismantling higher equipment and transferring their power. This will also help you in reaching the maximum power level of 300 quickly. However, there is also a risk involved in this, as you can lose valuable items quickly. Therefore, it is important to know exactly the functions of this system.

Infusion system in Destiny 2 is completely different from the previous game. Now, you can infuse only the item of the same type. Therefore, it has become somewhat more complicated because you have to find enough matching items to upgrade your equipment to the highest levels.

You need a few essentials to be able to infuse. In addition there are important points, which you have to consider so that you don’t face any difficulty. This is especially true of the mods you can use and lose. First, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

- Glimmer
- Legendary Shards
- Equipment to be upgraded.
- Equipment to be infused.

If you have all these, then you have to think about your mods

If you have installed a mod in the item you want to infuse, you should note that it boosters the item's state value by 5. If you infuse this item, the value that exists without boost is taken. The object you want to upgrade will not be able to have the 5. Therefore, proceed as follows:

- Check at the beginning whether the object to be infused has a legendary mod!

- Next, check the item that you want to upgrade, whether a mod is created. If this is not the case, then do it!

- Before you are on Power-level 280, it can be worthwhile, if you have an object, which already has a Mod steadily.

As soon as you reach power level 280, you can easily buy legendary mods from the merchant and have a direct boost in the infusion.